Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish List

Because it's my birthday in eight (freaking!) days and I can't remember the time when I posted any wish list. I've always told people asking me what I want for a gift to just give me money since they don't usually get what I request from them. Now for a change, I'll be specifying what I want for my 21st birthday. Aah. Time flies so fast, I can't believe I'm already 21. Though age is really a state of mind (or what I always tell myself when I feel old), I can't help but think that I'm so legal enough to pass out on the streets. Dude, I'm just kidding!

So if you love me so much, here are few of the things I would want to acquire when I reach the big 2-1.

1. I Love Nerds Hello Kitty bag- Growing up, I've always been a fan of Hello Kitty. I remember when I would always ask people to give me Hello Kitty stuff when I was younger. I also remember having Hello Kitty bags and wallets during my elementary years. Trips to Sanrio store (or Gift Gate) are always fun. And now for my birthday, I want to add another HK bag to my almost extinct collection. Although this bag looks like any other canvass bags around, I'd love to have this 'cos it's Hello Kitty with the glasses (so me!) and I love nerds!

2. Books! It's been a while since I bought a book that's not from a bargain store. I know, before I can't scrimp my money on books, but now I had to tighten my budget and just buy what I need. Sadly, books are not my top most priority right now. There are lots of titles that I've been meaning to buy, but I can't because they're out of my budget. So, will you be nice to give me any of these?

Clockwise: Sexual Personae by Camille Paglia, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, Style from A- Zoe by Rachel Zoe, Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Ways of Seeing by John Berger, Tao of Pooh and Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff
3. Sylvia Plath Collection- Because Sylvia Plath is one of my favourite writers, I think she deserves her own number in my wish list. Since I already have The Bell Jar (courtesy of my good friend Lulu) I am now asking you to give me any Sylvia Plath book, a companion would be good.

4. John Hughes movies box set- I want to watch his movies all day! This box set only contains Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club. You have to also include Pretty in Pink in there too!

4. Shoes! It hurts so much to walk around malls looking for nice shoes and when you finally found them, you notice you can't afford the pair. Dangnabit. Sucks right? Anyhoo, my favourite pairs come from Aldo, VNC, and Charles and Keith. GCs would be nice too.

5. The Cure's 3- Disc CD special- You know that The Cure's my favourite band, right? Well, fortunately, they're releasing something special by 2010. So if you don't have money this October, you can choose to give me this by next year.

These are all I can think of right now. If ever I want to add some more, then you'll have to watch out! Weee... Birthday wishes!



6. Heather Miss Grey Shirts- a colab between Bleach Catastrophe and Ms. Cecile Van Straten. I haven't gone to BC yet to check out if they're already selling it in stores.

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