Monday, October 3, 2011

It's October 3rd.

Because it's rare that I post entries in a row

Hehe, okay. 

It's already October 3rd and it only means that it's already too late for the annual Wish List for October 18. While I don't really get anything I wished for (except once probably from Lian), it is still exciting to write about the things you'd want to receive, right?

During a recent trip, I made friends with this Swiss/German dude after he made comments about my laptop's  wallpaper. He then asked me if I own a blog in which I said yes. He then asked me what I blog about and I said stuff. He then asked what kind of stuff and I told him personal things, like for my upcoming birthday, I'll be writing my wish list and since we're already friends, he should drop by my blog or I'll tag him in my Facebook note so he can choose which item he'll give me. He just laughed about it. Meanwhile, I am serious. 

What also makes this wish list a bit irrelevant is the fact that my friends and I all have work now,so it's either they will get them because they already have money OR they won't, because they know you can afford them. I still hope they get some of these for me. You know, I've been very sad lately. 

And so, just trying out my luck, here's my Wish List 2011 (valid until December 2011 only)

1. Moleskine Film Journal: Because I intend to do a movie review project next year. I want to challenge myself into writing something relevant about a film I've seen. Plus it's so much easier to review something where there is already spaces for your thoughts.

2. Moleskine Tote Bag: I'm such a sucker for carry-alls and no-fuss accessories. I'm known to dump all my stuff inside my bag. This tote bag is so chic, it should be an everyday staple.

3. Earphones: I never really paid much attention to earphones, until the one that goes with my iPod bailed out on me over the weekend. I just want a pair that will get me through all the travelling I do. I don't need the fancy-schamancy type, but something that's grey (or white) and looks decent enough. Also, it has to be the earbud (?) type (seen in photo), not the in-ear (?) type. 

4. Samsung 5" Galaxy Tab: Yes, I hear yah. You would say that it's better off to get iPad instead of the Galaxy Tab, but Androids are huge this year. Plus, it's so small and lightweight. If I'd get an iPad, I might as well bring Berting Tae everyday.

5. Complete 30 Rock Seasons 1-5 Boxset: Since I already have Sex and the City Box Set, I'd want to get 30 Rock this time, hopefully before the season six begins.

So far, that's all I have for now. You'd probably notice the lack of books this year. Fortunately, I bought all the books I wanted to buy; unfortunately, I don't have time to read them. I'll update this entry when I think of other things I'd want to get. For now, let's end this post with Liz Lemon:

I love you, Liz Lemon.

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