Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello There!
Yo excuse me, can I talk to you fo' a minute?

Yes, you're here because:
  • You saw a link in my twitter
  • You saw a link in my tumblr (thanks for the photo, inothernews!)
  • You're subscribed to my Google Reader
  • You're wondering WTF this is
  • You miss me!!! C'mon admit eeet. 
Whichever your reason is, well, I just want to say that I am back!!! :-) I'm happy I'm back, the squirrel's happy that I'm back, and you should too! But as if I have anything substantial to say. I'm a whole lot happier right now, as compared to the last time I wrote something here. Maybe because some things are slowly falling in their rightful places. Maybe, I've learned to accept things the way they're meant to be. Or maybe, there is something good for me in the future. 

I can't believe we're already on the half of the year. I also can't believe I've already been working for a year without flailing my hands in failure. There are days when I could not even think straight, but we all know it happens to anyone. Anyway, I don't want to think again of the things that happened the last time. Let's all move forward and be happy.

And to start of, let me share with you videos that truly made my life worthwhile these past few days... 

Randy Blue Boys Tribute to Kylie Minogue. Dibs on Nicco Sky. 

Couldn't find a better version, because owner disabled embedding. Boo. Darrel, Can I have your number? (watch better version here)

Everybody, let's sing together Gooba Da Mwee (or in non-simlish speaking countries, Cooler than Me)

oh my sanity.

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