Saturday, October 9, 2010

It won't Hurt to Ask

Twenty-two isn't really a significant number, but it will be on the 18th.

I thought that no matter how many times I do wishlist, I never really get any of the things I requested, but I am trying to make one again, just to give hint to those who love me. Hehe.

Inspired by my best friend's wishlist (who is also celebrating her 20th birthday on October 18), ladies and gentlemen, here are few of the things I want for my birthday.

1. Bret Easton Ellis books

There is something about Bret Easton Ellis and his books. The first time I "met" Ellis was when I watched American Psycho. The movie was beautiful and I thought if it were, the book would also probably be awesome as the movie. Sadly, I haven't picked the book yet, but I already have one of his numerous books, The Informers. It did not disappoint. It further affirmed my love for the man. Unfortunately, not all of his books are sold here, or I haven't just paid too much attention in bookstores. Anyway, here's a run-through of his books and covers. You might see them and would want to get them for me. Hehe.

Clockwise: Glamorama, American Psycho, Rules of Attraction,
 Less than Zero, Lunar Park, and Imperial Bedroom
Six books. It isn't hard to get me one. :-)

There are still some bunch of books I want to have. To refresh your memory from last year

2. Stila Travel Palette

Stila Travel Palettes: Pretty in Paris and Road to Radiance Across the USA
I recently realised how important make-up is in my job. I was actually ecstatic when I got free lipsticks. Yes, congratulate me for owning more than just concealer and lip and cheek tint. I actually have two lipsticks! How awesome is that, right? (for the record, there is no sarcasm there). With all the events happening in the month of October (Fashion Week, Product Launch, Book Launch etc.) I think I need to learn how to glam myself up. But the thought of lugging around a lot of make-up kind of annoys me, that's why I am putting make-up palette here. If it weren't too much too ask, can I get any of these Stila Travel palettes? :-)

3. Christian Siriano for Payless shoes

L-R: Midnigth D'Orsay Evening Pumps, Royalty Satin Flats, and Parisienne Exotic Platform Pumps
It has been a month since Payless Shoe Source opened in Manila, but I still haven't seen any of Christian Siriano's shoe collection. They already gave a preview of his collection during the launch and I was really excited with these three pairs. I can't wait to have them! Sooner please? 

There are some more I just can't remember right now. This is just one of those spur-of-the-moment lists.

But I know I got one of the best birthday gifts to date. JackTV just returned to Sky Cable. This calls for a celebration.

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