Thursday, October 28, 2010

In a Grown Up's World

If there is something I won't be afraid of, it's responsibility. Sure, I get nervous whenever I'm given something to take charge of, but I'm not scared to take the lead. Not to brag, but I was Class President almost all years in my school or member of Student Body (I was once the student body president y'all). I don't know what kind of vibe I give off, but I was always, always put in charge of everything.

So it did not surprise me when Ma and Pa decided that it's time I take responsibility of things at home, like bills for instance. I don't complain. I got cable and water bills which are nothing compared to our electricity and telephone bill, but still. I sometimes don't know how I can fit bills, plus the things I spend for work, plus my impulse book buying with my salary. I mean, I have decent pay, but with all these things, I don't know how much I'll be able to save up in case. It's not like when I was still in school, when I get allowance from Papa everyday. My money only comes every 15th and 30th of the month. 

You might think I am whining, but I'm not. In fact I kind of like that they gave me this so I'd learn how to budget my money. It's not like I spend on a lot anyway (for starters, I only spend a lot on books). It isn't bad to give a bit of my salary to them because it's just a bit of what they actually spent on me for the last 17 years. Imagine, 17 years! They could have bought a lot of other stuff with the money they paid for my school and other things I asked for (which isn't a lot actually).

So awhile ago over dinner, I told Papa that I'd like to add two more channels to our cable because I'm taking charge of the bill. Meanwhile, I will ask them to limit their bath time to five minutes, so we can conserve water and I don't have to pay much. 

I, on the other hand will shower for more than 15 minutes because that's one of the perks of paying for the water bill. 

I am serious. 
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