Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lashing out on Language

I tried my best to keep my annoyance in. But there are times when you really try to just let these silliness pass, you'll always end up, in one point or another, get pissed. Even if you're the last person on earth to bitch out, there are just these things that no matter what you do, will always get on your nerves.

Not being hypocritical to my generation, but there are just a lot of things I do not understand and will not bother to understand with today's youth. I am backlashing on the youth today for being careless and annoying, big time. For one, I do not understand why can't they speak proper words. At one time it's cool to probably speak in LOLcats, especially if you're not the person who do it on a daily basis. But come on, if you do it every waking hour of your life and talk to people that way, you seriously need to go to language rehab. The reason why today's youth is incompetent in written and spoken English (even in Filipino) is that they never learn how to write and speak well. That's pretty scary, really.  I find it weird that some people will really take time to write excess letters, type in alternating caps, and press comma or period like crazy. I don't really care if your grammar's not perfect (even the grammar nazis aren't perfect too) but please, I beg of you. TYPE YOUR DAMN WORDS. Oh, by the way, people who hate people doing this now better think first. Remember the time when you type and speak like this? You were a part of this legion, so before you go hating, re- asses if you're still doing it, cos I bet you still do.

There are a million other things that I am annoyed with. This is just one. Maybe it's the PMS typing. 
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