Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventure in Rockwell!

Okay, so it was my first time in Rockwell last Monday.

I never really thought about going to Rockwell until recently when I found out that Details, one of the stores I am looking for has a store there. So I asked some of my friends who would be glad to accompany me to this adventure. Unfortunately, none of them are available for this trip except Ryan. So we braved Makati streets under the extreme heat just to go to Rockwell in the safest, most affordable way.

We met at UST before lunch and went to Quiapo to ride the PVP Liner (bus) going to Ayala. Completely clueless about the way, we decided that if we get lost, we'll just treat this as an adventure. On the way, we thought we're in a race with just few survival stuff at hand- his tortillas (which were yummy by the way), umbrella, fones and candies (lollipop). We forgot to buy water on the way so just imagine our thirst. Haha! We got off at Pasong Tamo, rode a Guadalupe Jeep and passed this over pass along EDSA at past 1 p.m. (so just imagine the unbearable sun rays we had to bear!) We got off the overpass and rode this Rockwell shuttle (costs P5.00/ person) and finally we reached Rockwell! :)

We went around the Archeology section and saw Suzy Abrera with her kids. Her kids were so cute! Walked past them to buy something from Team Manila. I was in the search of a perfect pair of shoes, but opted to buy this cool Rizal bag (plus it's 10% off!) Ryan and I went to National bookstore to look for good books and I found something, no, someone better! Paolo Abrera!!! Ryan was really pushing me to get a picture of him atleast, but I chickened out since he's with his family (his wife is Suzy) so I ended up gushing and following him around. Haay, super cute! I found Details by the way, but I didn't like any of the shoes they had that day. So we went elsewhere instead.

After some few hours of walking around, Ryan saw the passage way to Rockwell's mini chapel. And saw one of the most beautiful chapels I've ever seen.

sorry 'bout the camphone photo!
So nice! Ryan and I took time looking around the chapel and sat at awe. He took some photos with his lomocam (when he gets them processed, hopefully I'll get a copy!) It's just so nice there. I told him that the chapel's so beautiful, I'm thinking of closing down Rockwell and have my wedding there. Haha, silly idea.

After eating at Mcdonald's (because it's not everyday that you get to sit at a couch in a fastfood!), we went out and went to Ateneo Professional School, pseudo- applying. And the place is as good as the ones in the photo. But Ryan and I went to the topmost floor and looked at the Makati skyline (boohoo! forgot to take photo!) The view is awesome. You can see the Ayala buildings and the BGC towers! After that we went to the garden to take some rest.

The APS Visitor's ID! I am the only one who had it since Ryan can't find his ID! haha
It was really tiring, but I had fun. Plus I learned something from Ryan. Sometimes, we pay for the ambiance. Hehe :) Next stop, boxing!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Couch Potato

I admit. I'm a TV addict. I can sit all day as long as I have a TV set in front of me. TV is one of those things that can make me truly happy. I think my pure love with television came from my dad's influence. Being a TV (set) addict, we were exposed early on with nice TV sets. We're the type of family that would buy TV sets for every room in the house. We could watch everything from Telenovelas, documentaries, series, everything! It's crazy just remembering all those days when we would all sit down and watch a show as family. We would take about it, debate about the show. We were really "involved" with what we are watching.

But as we grew older, our personal tastes changed too. With our diverse choices of TV shows, sometimes it's hard for us to watch same shows we would ALL enjoy. But my brother and I remain as TV buddies. We enjoy same shows we discover. And with the help of the internet (thank god for 'net!) we get to watch series that have not yet set foot in the Philippines. Here are two shows we enjoy watching recently:

GLEE (Fox Broadcasting Company)

The moment I started watching this show, I can't help but feel Glee! (cheesy, much?) A friend told me about this show about a week ago and he gave me the link where I can watch this show online since it is not yet shown here in the Philippines. They had the pilot ep (sort of a preview of the show) last May 19 after the American Idol episode. It is about a show choir (a.k.a. Glee Club) with the "losers" of the school as the members. The club is under a once "golden boy" teacher, Mr. Schuester, who is also struggling with his personal dilemmas in life. So will this "sub- basement" of the school caste system make it to the top? Well that's something we will have to wait for the Fall season as the next episode will be shown at the latter part of the year. (boo!)

Must watch out for their fantastic numbers like this one by the HS cast:

Singing "Don't Stop Believing" as sure LSS

and this cutie:
Cory Monteith as Finn
Something to look forward to! :)

Another good show is Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Hooray for geeks! This show has been making great waves with its science- infused storyline and witty nerdy dialogues! Of course, a lot of you may have already watched this as it is on its second season at this minute, but if you haven't check out this article that will tell everything about the show in a nutshell. :)

Meet the geeks and the girl

Sheldon, Leonard (♥) Penny, Harold, and Raj

my favourite geek Leonard (Johnny Galecki) :)
So these are two of my favourite shows this summer. Don't forget to add these shows in your own viewing lists :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Social Networks

I think I've had enough of Social Networking sites that I am planning on doing some Spring cleaning. I wanted to delete some of my accounts after discovering several things:
  1. My old Y!M account has been sending really off messages and they are really embarrassing. But I already remedied it (I think) after I sent apologies to my new and former contacts. I hope they understood that I have a new one, and that since I am no longer using it, they might as well delete it na. Sadly, some stupid people don't get the idea of apologies. Stupid. Stupid.
  2. I am getting tired of receiving notifications from several social networking sites I signed up to when I was still new to internet. Understand that I was only 14 (I think, again) and I am not so sure about those stuff so yeah, I signed up for almost everything and I regret it. I had to make new e- mail addresses to escape all the notifications.
  3. I hate, hate, hate reading spams. Friendster has a lot of these stuff, from comments to personal messages. If only I have no treasured memories in my Friendster accounts, I would have probably deleted them.
  4. Remember when Facebook was still cool? Well, not anymore. It has become Friendster part deux. People taking so many quizzes (guilty, but I noticed that it's getting a bit annoying answering shit) and all the freaking applications. Advice: Stop inviting people to random apps because dude, if they don't have it in their accounts, they probably don't like it, don't you think?
  5. I have been a bit tolerable with my Multiply account adding strangers. They do not have to actually add me because everything there is for everyone. But I recently started declining requests from people I barely know. I am about to delete people from my list also. My contacts page is getting a bit cluttered.
I will be deleting whatever Social Networking sites that I have which I no longer update. For everything else, there's always e-mail.

I only have facebook, twitter, multiply, and this friendster.

All about the Hair

Oh great hair! A bit brown and not too messy here
I was one of them who totally swore not to let hair treatments get in my hair. I've always been admired for having thick and deep, jet black hair and although sometimes I am really annoyed with it, I am thankful that I have a fairly easy to manage one, thanks to my dad's genes. Though I never really paid attention to my hair (I am not one of those comb toting girls), I never really encountered any severe problems with it.

Lately, with the weather really getting annoying and my skin being a retard all the time, I made it a point to have my hair cut before it reaches my shoulders. I am very happy to be keeping that tradition as I always have my haircut almost every three months.

And then this happened. My mom treated me to hair treatments last October. I was a bit apprehensive about the idea since I know I might not be able to take care of it and the fact that hair treatments need a lot home care. But I gave in and got myself a really nice hair cellophane. My hair turned a bit brown (good bye black hair!) I also had my hair relaxed (although I do not really need it much, just to get the stray hairs behaved) and really straight hair cut, kind of reminiscent to Nicole Richie's. I've always wanted to sport her hair so I was really happy.

I asked the hair stylist how long will the cellophane treatment last and he told me that it will stay for at least three months. My light coloured hair looked way different from my black hair. It even made (or looked at least) skin lighter. But the worst of it was I can't tie my hair for weeks since I just had it relaxed. Horrors of horrors, I got really bad pimples that up until now, are still there (good bye clear skin!) I think I had some chemical reaction to the treatment OR my skin is really THAT sensitive.

My hair colour stayed beyond three months, but I saw the my roots coming out. My brown hair is turning black again, and I am not happy. I kind of liking my brown hair and I am really dying to get it dyed again.

And since my hair is getting longer now and I am getting pretty tired of it, I am also scheduling a haircut this month. I am in the process of looking for some funky haircuts over the net and this is what I have seen so far

I saw this and fell in love (sort of) with it.
It's a new take to the now very famous bob cuts. Really nice bangs, asymmetrical. The length's not the type that will poke your eyes if styled well (but I know it will, haha!) The long back is also great, since I am tired of the concave bob cuts (I was given this a couple of times already) and it has layered blunt cuts. Nice option one. But I am guessing this will look boyish on me.

This is a bit too short, I think. But if I were to go drastic, I'd probably go for this cut. It still has my basic elements, the side swept bangs and the blunt cuts. I am not sure if it's okay for thick hair, but I really love it.

This is Kahlen Rondot, former America's Next Top Model contestant. This girl is awesome, she can sport any hair cut. She can have long one and a short one and they all look great on her. This hair cut is very different since it has different length on the sides, the other one is shorter (her right side is). Bangs are okay too, I love it. And it not looks messy, even if it is. (photo: myspace)

Lastly, something from Little J! The first time I saw her hair in Gossip Girl, I completely adored it. I wanted a hair cut like hers and although I am not a fan of her character, that girl surely has a wicked sense of style!

I've noticed that the models of my dream haircuts are all blond. Should I also go blond? Haha, naah. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Beam me up Scotty!

Yeah dude, thumbs up for you!
I am obviously not talking about Star Trek here. So the whole American Idol brouhaha is over, hopefully. Though a lot of people are really shocked with this year's winner, Kris Allen. I was initially rooting for Danny Gokey, but he got booted out at one week before the finale making him the second runner- up. Since I never really liked Adam Lambert, I rooted for him because he's way better than Kris. Kris obviously does not have the star power or creativity that Adam has. Although he's a pretty boy, that just won't make the cut. On the other hand, I was a bit happy that Adam did not win this season because his screaming is just too annoying. But other than that, I really wished he won. Don't you think?

A friend told me that the conservative states in the United States voted for Kris. Obviously, they are not yet ready for a gay American Idol. Buti pa dito. Just then, artists here in the Philippines who are obviously, super seriously gay won't come out of the closet.

So apart from the shocker finale, my love affair with Danny, and the awesome Kara dioGuardi, what struck me most about this season's AI is the blind contestant, Scott MacIntyre. Aside from him being the first handicapped contestant, he just never fails to brighten up my viewing days with his awkwardness. Just the thought of him "looking" at the audience is funny. Plus, he is just too admirable.

And for the past few months, I have been singing Survivor's The Search is Over, vocally or in my head which is really crazy. I come to memorize the lyrics now.

Watch and sing, see what I mean. It'll be stuck in your head for sure

And I wonder, how Scott tweets?


Follow Scott MacIntyre's tweets here

Oh Shoes!

I am seriously developing a love affair with shoes.
If I have all the money in the world, I'd buy shoes, those high heels that although will surely kill my legs and feet, will definitely look good on my them.

1. Fendi Suede basket front shoe boots
2. Croc ballerina shoes
3. Dollhouse Ollie Black Multi High Heel Oxford
4. crinkle snake strappy sandal
5. Jimmy Choo Private strappy sandal
6. Dolce & Gabbana Back-Zip Gladiator Sandals
7. Mogil Tan Leather Belle Gladiator Wooden Wedge Sandals
8. Yves Saint-Laurent- Metallic Strappy and Cage Sandals
9. Fendi B buckle sandal
10. Brian Atwood Tonya patent pumps
11. Christian Louboutin- Miss Fortune Lace- up sandals
12. studded rock and roll ballet flats
And this goes to what was once planned as a Filipino blog.
Officially, English.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Language Barrier

Okay, so sinumulan ko ang blog na ito na gumagamit ng salitang Filipino. Naisip ko kasi, para maging writer, dapat bihasa ka muna sa iyong mother language.

Pero napapansin ko na hirap pala ako mag Filipino. Kasi maski anong linis ang gawin ko, lagi't lagi pa rin akong may nilalagay na mga phrases in English (ack! there goes one!) at may mga naka- italicized pa rin. So iniisip ko kung babalik ako sa dati kong format na mag- English na lang ulit. Kasi minsan, nafi- feel ko na mas okay na mag- English ako dahil mas nasasabi ko ang gusto ko sabihin sa English eh. Minsan hindi ko na kailangan maghanap pa ng mga salita para sabihin sa English kasi mas sanay nga ako magsulat sa English. Pero gusto ko talaga mahasa ang pagsulat ko sa Filipino. Lalo na ngayon na may Filipino Journalism na kami. Pero ewan ko, minsan mas masaya mag- English.

Naasar lang ako dati dahil sinabihan ako na (well, not directly) na pag galit, bakit pa kailangan na mag- English sa blog. Kung hindi ka engot at kalahati, simulat- sapul pa, English na ang medium ng blog ko. Kaya wala kang karapatan na husgahan yun, =okay?

Madalas din kasi, lahat ng blogs na binabasa ko ay puro sa English, at mas masarap s'ya basahin. Isa pa sa mga goals ko ay pakapagconverse in English in almost 80% of my conversations. So todo practice talaga ako. Ayoko na mag- Taglish. Nakakainis eh. At sa OJT ko, natutunan ko na kung 'di ka masyado sa tabloid magsusulat, it is better to learn how to speak English fluently. Hindi naman para pa- sosyal, pero sa mga Executives, mga companies, kadalasan, yun ang gamit nila.

So anyway, kung regular reader ka, (kung meron man, hehe) ano mas gusto mo sa pag- blog, English o Filipino?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Shit. Haha!

Binabasa ko yung luma ko na LiveJournal account na naka private. Sobrang natatawa ako hahaha Shit. Kasi naman nandun lahat ng himutok ko sa pag- ibig, yung mga kilig, secret relationship at iba't ibang kalakohan haha! Shit nakakatawa talaga.

Pero meron dun, nakapukaw (yes, nakapukaw) ng aking atensyon. Isang text message mula sa supposedly first love ko.
hehe... kw tlga angelique Ü may mga agresive na tao tlga pero im sure u cld handle them wel, hehe.. Ang ganda ganda m kc e, hehe nkz. Ü
O, hulaan kung sino yan? :) Haha :)

OMG Commercials

Malapit na ang eleksyon 'diba?
At kung hindi ako nagkakamali, gumagawa na ng kanya- kanyang mga commercials ang mga kakandidato. Hindi ba masyado pang maaga para d'yan? Hindi ba nakakahiya naman para sa amin na makita ang mga mukha n'yo, nagpapapogi tuwing primetime? Wala nakakasawa eh, ang plastic naman.

Kung may iboboto man ako, siguro ang kandidatong isusulong ang kahalagahan ng edukasyon. Nakikita ko na ang pagbaba ng kaledad ng edukasyon dito sa Pilipinas. Lalo na dahil sa mga ganitong commercials, sobrang nakakapikon.

Naasar pa ako nung minsan, tinanong ko ang pinsan ko na bata kung ano ang spelling ng remittance, sabi ba naman sa akin, LBC.


Baka pumasok sa utak ng pinsan ko na LBC nga ang spelling nun. Shit.
At parang 'di tama para kay Edu Manzano na sumamasa ganitong mga commercials, dahil unang una, masyado s'yang matalino para dito, at pangalawa, may gameshow s'ya na tungkol sa mga trivia, TRIVIA! Anong nangyari d'un?

Tutal, magpapasukan na naman, pwede ba, sa magagaling na politiko na mga ito, unahin muna ang kapakanan ng edukasyon ng bawat bata?


Dude, Bong Revilla? Seriously? Sayang naman oras sa senado kung paguusapan n'yo pa sila Katrina Halili at Hayden Ko. Shit, ang daming problema sa Pilipinas.


Ang tagal ko hinanap 'tong banda na ito, Singaporean pala.
Ang pinaka gusto kong kanta ng Electrico, Runaway :)

Truly Julie, in another day
You know it really isn’t far away that I’m longing to be with you
You’ll be waiting for another sun, but that’s when things begin to come undone
And there's nothing that I can do
There’s sense that’s running in the air, and that’s the time that you should never dare
Running away you can’t pretend, up to the door and back again with me
I know
Running away it drives me wild, even someone who makes me mild like you
I know, I know
There’s a place where eveything is free and everyone is just like you and me like i’ve never seen before
But i would never ever wanna go, to a place unless you told me so, then you said that you wanted more
There’s a sense that’s running in the air and that’s the time that you should never dare
Running away you can’t pretend, up to the door and back again with me
I know
Running away it drives me wild, even someone who makes me mild like you
I know, I know
Running away you can't pretend, up to he door and back again with me
I know
Running away it drives me wild, even someone who makes me mild like you
I know, I know, I know

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sinong May trabaho?


Maraming salamat Hinge- Inquirer :)

Na- touch ako dito sobra :)

Mamimiss ko sila :(