Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Prelude to My Expat Tales

It's been months since I last wrote something here. And during that period, a lot of things have happened. I actually don't know where to begin. 

Truth is, I have been meaning to get back to putting thoughts in here, but of course, I'd say 'I can't find time ' excuses to save my ass. That's bullshit. It actually took colds and cough to push me to sit (lie a bit down actually) and start typing.

The last entry I wrote told my short-lived vacation in Kuala Lumpur (and a bit of Hanoi) last March. Shame that it was just part one, I think of what was supposed to be a blog series on an awesome trip. Fast forward a few months later, I am now living in Malaysia, Selangor to be more specific, Petaling Jaya if you want to know more. I cannot believe that at 25 (I actually moved when I was 24), I'll be away from whatever comfort Manila has given me all these years, in exchange for luck and adventure. 

If you have been following my Instagram, you would have probably seen all sorts of schemes I have been doing/ going to for the last five months. It's crazy. Sometimes, there were blergh, blah days, and sometimes there were really good days. It also helps that I have made friends here, all of whom are also living away from their families. The person I consider my best friend, EVER has been a huge help - from dinner, to movies, emergency and every other week sleepovers when things get crazy, and even bread toaster! (Although he'll leave in a few months). Life has become more bearable in PJ, despite the moments of homesickness, heartache, money draught, and hungry pangs.

I miss Manila (and Hanoi if I can just squeeze that in), but Petaling Jaya (some weekends it's Kuala Lumpur) has been so nice to me. I hope my new home treats me well in the next two years.

Now, excuse me while I try to get back to my lazy ass again, because duh, it's a weekend... And duh, I'm sick.