Sunday, April 21, 2013

Malaysia Day Two

So you've read about the first, fun-filled day in Kuala Lumpur. Now I'm writing about the second day, a.k.a. the day when I finally saw Bloc Party in the flesh.

Sorry, I'm not sorry about my face.
FMFA was on the second day and the giddy fan girl in me woke up earlier than expected, but decided to stay in my room and do a bit laundry. One thing I learned from this trip is not to over pack and just bring laundry soap. Well, I kind of over packed and brought a bar with me so I still got home with so much clothes. I want to master the art of packing. Although I know how to efficiently pack stuff in my backpack, I think I should improve on editing what I bring along. 

So anyway, back to FMFA... Martin and I left Seputeh around 4PM, after our supposed cab failed to fetch us from his condominium. Luckily, there were buses in KL Sentral taking festival goers near Sepang Circuit where the concert will take place. We arrived just in time before Temper Trap, because I wasn't really interested with the other acts, plus I didn't really want to stand for some more hours. We arrived around 5PM, we stayed until 2AM so just imagine how excruciating it was. 

A few more minutes and Temper Trap came to stage. To be honest, although I have their entire discography, I was only looking forward to "Sweet Disposition."

Sweeeeet Dissssposition...
The next band I was waiting for to perform was fun. and program said they won't be on stage until 9PM. Martin and I took this time to freshen up and load up on RM10 bottled water. Ridiculous. Because we wanted to wanted to get a good spot for fun., we headed back to the Flamingo stage before Rita Ora was done. There's still Psy in between before fun., so we had to stand at the back for awhile and wait for the crowd to disperse. They didn't. Actually, a lot more people came when Psy was on stage. And although they only know "Gangnam Style," everyone was happy he sang it twice. TWICE.

That is Martin, enjoying Psy. Although he won't admit it.
And then, fun. came... after almost an hour of delay. We got a pretty nice place in the middle of the grounds and I was contented of where we were although there were people bumping me and everyone was so sweaty. I hate huge crowds and there was no air coming in, so I had a hard time breathing because we were stuck in the middle of a humid, really hot place. But it was alright, fun. had a really good performance. They didn't sing my favourite song, All the Pretty Girls. Sad.

There was so much light, I can't take a decent picture, haha
This one is dedicated to Lian and Lena Dunham, my BFFs.
And because Martin knew I'm a huuuge fan of Bloc Party he asked me if I wanted to go front row. Of course I said yes, so he dragged me from where we were until we finally got there. I'm impressed how he did that. 

There was another band before Bloc Party so we waited for 45mins more, just to save our spot. There were people trying to get our place and being small and incapable of pushing people, Martin had to do it for me. He's the best concert companion, I tell you. 

Around 1AM, when the concert was supposed to end according to schedule, my life flashed before me. Bloc Party came on stage. I was jumping gleefully, going really crazy. I cannot believe the band I was waiting for eight years is finally here. The sweetest thing, Gordon Moakes was in front of me. I could not even. I wish I brought a better camera because my iPhone can't take the awesomeness of the Bloc Party stage lights. 

Yes, I know they were mostly photos of the bassist because I'm in love with him.

I was still feeling high after their performance when Martin said we should stay for a bit. I was fine with it because I was expecting Bloc Party would come out anytime soon. But they didn't. I was on the verge of telling Martin we should head home when I saw the bouncers giving out Bloc Party's setlist. I knew we had to stay. They gave out all three, but then someone saw another setlist stuck on the stage... and it was Gordon Moakes'. I used all my bullets just to get the setlist from the bouncer, but I guess it didn't work because he was acting like he can't hear me. I said I'm the only girl (didn't work) that I'm not from Malaysia (didn't work) that I came all the way from Manila to go to FMFA (didn't work). 

So what Martin did, he snatched the copy from his hands. He got it for ME!!! I think I said I love him so many times after. He's the best, I tell you.

Next days in next blogs!

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