Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wishing on a Television Set

It's that time of the year when TV show junkies and couch potatoes rejoice as Fall line up gets pumped up again with a multitude of comebacks and newbie series. 

Personally waiting for my favourites 30 Rock, which goes on its sixth and final season (sobs), New Girl (can't get enough of Schmidt!), SNL, Bang Theory, Smash, Glee, Modern Family (!!!), and Gossip Girl (heard this will be its last season too, which is a good thing). 

Aside from the shows I regularly watch, I am also watching the new kids on the prime time block, including The Mindy Project and The New Normal. Other than these shows, I am also waiting for Mad Men and Girls as they get back on with their next season next year. Although I didn't list some of the other favoured shows, I am sure there are a lot more good stuff coming back this season (HIMYM, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Community, Once Upon A Time, and a whole lot more!) Can't help but say, there's so much good stuff on US TV!

As much as I try~ to acquaint myself with Philippine TV from time to time, local TV shows' predictability and rather stupid plots are real turn-off. Drama with recycled plot and merry-go-round scenarios pollute our screens, giving a fine definition to the word boob tube. Network wars succumb to ratings battle, with unimaginative stories and rip-offs. The rather useless remakes of international TV shows are frankly quite a waste of show time. While I believe there are so much talent in local industry, Philippine TV needs to push boundaries and work on new materials. Not a lot of people want to see rags to riches, girl from barrio story anymore, or family feud overtaken by forbidden love, or revenge story lines with killer~ dialogues. I wonder when will the daily teleserye, telenovela, telepantasya,  and other tele-insert-your-owns for the sake of (or lack of) "originality" stop and give way to fresh materials every day. When will our nightly TV habit have a variety of shows we can indulge, talk about, and anticipate WEEKLY rather than daily. 

It's nice to reminisce the night during the 90's. Mondays were devoted to well-written political satire Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata, Tuesdays to crazy Palibhasa Lalake, Wednesdays to Oki Doki Dok, Thursdays to family comedy Home Along the Riles, and Fridays to the funny skits of Bubble Gang. I don't remember watching artista wannabees, scripted reality contests raking millions from text votes, and everyday drama shows.

Not too much to ask, but I wish to have the same enthusiasm with local offerings as much as what I currently have with US TV shows. The joy of anticipating for next week, looking forward to new seasons come summer or rainy season, and a feast of Filipino television delights every night.