Monday, August 20, 2012

Chillin' in the Backseat

Writing is what's currently chillin' in the backseat.

Let me indulge you to my brain farts. 

What used to be a regular thing, turned to once in a blue moon. It's really disappointing that I no longer write as regularly as I used to and when I do write something, I always think it's not *there.* 

Not that I write the most awesome pieces, but they were pretty decent enough to be shared. The best ones I have are one-liners, that I only satisfy my one-line a day journal's hunger for thoughts. Also, Instagram has taken a lot of my time (my live feed to your left, gais). My short attention span and memory capacity of recent things have also made this difficult, that's why my thoughts get lost after a minute or two. A few bites of this Hen-Lin siomai has made me forget what I was about to write... gosh, even my name. LOLJK.

There are also some things that I have acquired from my previous work's way of writing that I have to unlearn. Not that it's a bad thing, but you know how writing in PR works. It's not awful, it's just different from how I used to write before. That two-year stint has adjusted my writing to 90 degrees, because it's basically the same, but with more adjectives. 

Oh by the way, I have already left my first job which needs another post. As painful as first heartache (or any heartache for that matter), we all have to move on. 

My writing is as mixed up as my thoughts. They don't necessarily go any order that's why I think they're (both writing and thoughts) hard to follow. Even I don't know where to begin and to end.

And as this song goes... kaya ganito na lang biglang mawawala

(That line I took from PnE's song. I don't want to be called a Plagiarist)