Sunday, July 15, 2012

Incoherent Ideas

We always think we don't have enough time in our hands. If we can have longer minutes, hours, days, weeks, months for everything we must do, we would probably bargain anything to get it. 

I just wish I have longer weekends. Not weekdays, but just Friday night to Sunday morning, double, triple if it's possible. I always think weekends come by easily. Well, of course, it does. Two days is short, especially if you sleep half of it, which is what I do. But I try to make it up with wee hours in the morning. Staying up late, watching movies and/or reading books (if I can't do both at the same time). 

Yesterday, in my desperate attempt to stay up as late as possible, I drank Coca-Cola. Successfully, caffeine worked and I was up until quarter to five in the morning. Have I thought about it  during Euro 2012, I could have stayed up and watched the games I wanted to see. 

But it was probably best that I didn't. Sleep was such a luxury at that moment that I can't afford to waste time not sleeping. No, not because I was working too hard (hell I know I didn't), but because of something bothering me. I was itching to get it out of my chest, but I didn't have anyone to share it with. Sleep had been a useful escape, with just seven to eight hours to forget about the world. It was calming. I dread waking up to messages I couldn't even read, things I didn't want to see, faces I could not even look at, and instances I didn't (and I hope I never have to) think about. 

Few more days, I can get a few more hours of sleep. Hopefully something I deserve in a long while. But for now, I'd like to watch all the movies I can, read all the books I have to read, and stay up as long as I can because things are going to change soon. 

In the meantime, excuse me as I continue my blog hiatus again.