Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Four Days After February 14...

While my happily committed friends are excited with the idea of having me set-up, I'm kind of uneasy with it. Yes, the thought of having to meet a (sort of) stranger is exciting, plus the fact that numerous couples actually end up together after being set-up, but I still don't find it attractive to meet a person and have your best foot forward, in hopes of getting your hearts sewn together after. 

You see, while others may see that I am extrovert, I am actually an introvert, who in initial meeting folds like a clam. I can probably talk miles and miles, but to a complete stranger, without any connection whatsoever, who I hopefully won't meet again. 

I hate small talks and having to be my best just so I leave a good impression. That's the thing about being set-up, you meet someone, you have to transform yourself into the best you can be,  so the person who paired you two won't feel bad about getting you guys together (they probably told the nicest things about you, such a shame to put them down).

I can't remember any of my relationships in the past where I was just set-up with a person. All my exes were my friends in the beginning and were comfortable with (okay, before break-up, but that's another story). They weren't just anyone who I was set up with in a bar, but those I've met in school, and or since childhood. They've seen me with weird hair, something stuck between my teeth, trip while running, scream at the top of my lungs, and are fine with it. I knew them, their parents, friends, so I was sure  how they are as a person.

Or maybe, I'm just scared of getting in a relationship after two years and meeting someone, already clouded of getting it on together, subjected by thoughts of people, finally seeing me holding hands, being fetched, treated to a dinner, and getting roses. I'm not even sure if I'm ready to take the high road of love again, because it was such great two years of being single. Sure, it's cute to have someone text you once in a while, or call you just because, but man, it feels so much better knowing you only have to worry about yourself and  your time and the fact that you don't have to argue about things concerning you, with other people. 

Until maybe I find someone better who would be understanding, intelligent, witty, and good looking (ehemDanielCraigehem), then maybe it's time to spread my wings and fly with the love bug.

'Til then, excuse me while I dress up for my weekly date with... my Mother. 

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