Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Yapping and other thoughts

(my blog post title is hell yeah \m/)

On weekends, I have this tendency to stay up as late as possible. I know it's bad, considering the fact that I have to make up for all the lost hours due to waking up early or sleeping late, five times a week. I just want to make use of the time I have for the weekend and do whatever I want, say watch a movie, read, research on things that are not work related, etc. Although I am really a sleepyhead, I try my best to stay up all afternoon, just lying around catching up on shows I missed over the weekdays and take afternoon naps which is one of the things I love to do. 

They say in a week, you die four times, and resurrect three times - all work from Monday to Thursday, all play (crossing fingers still) from Friday to Sunday (morning). I dread Sunday afternoons. Not only because shows get really crappy, but also it only means we're few hours away from dying again. I made it a point that if if I do have to work over weekends, I do them on Sunday afternoon, so it'd feel like it's already Monday... just to lessen the anticipation of what the week will bring. The only saving grace of the week would probably be on nights when I meet up with my friends, who are so nice to actually ask me to travel all the way to Quezon City, whereas I come from Makati (seriously guys, let's meet somewhere in the middle, not Timog or Tomas Morato next time)

No matter how many times my mother would always tell us to sleep early, it really takes me a while to close my eyes and go to sleeping Nirvana, especially on Saturday nights. Last week, I had to go to work early (like 2am early) and completely hated it because I only got to sleep two hours. I had to play Coldplay to lull me to sleep and by the time I woke up, Chris Martin is still singing. That's how long my sleep was, sarcastically speaking.

My laptop has this speaking clock, which reminds me what time it is every hour. She (it doesn't have an option to change it to male speaking voice so boo hoo) sounds bitchy. I have this feeling that on godly hours, she would sound better, but from 12mn onwards, she sounds irritated. Four minutes ago, she just said, "The current time is two o'clock a.m., the time is two o'clock a.m." with much conviction. I already feel guilty.

I cannot wait for next week. I think we have a holiday on the 30th, which means I get to probably do stuff I haven't finished this weekend or go out. Whichever is applicable to the weather.