Monday, June 27, 2011

Excuse Me

While I collect my thoughts again.

There are those days when you're looking for something to fill the space in between. But no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to fill it in. That elusive feeling of trying to close the gap, yet you don't know how. 

I don't know what I want to do. 
I really don't.

Help Please?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Of The Things I Miss

It's been four weekends of non-stop work since we started preparing massive PR efforts for this certain client. Rain or shine, I go to shoots and events and missed spending extra time in bed to enjoy the bed weather. Truth is, I forgot how it feels like to have weekends because I've been going over time and working on Saturdays, as early as 7a.m. 

Today feels different because I get to take a NAP which I haven't done in a while and tonight I am planning on hitting the sack early to make up on the almost sleepless nights or watching a movie and sleep til probably noon tomorrow. This morning, I had to go to a shoot with one of the ambassadors, but we had an early pack-up because he did extremely well with his lines. I still have a lot of pending to-dos, but I decided to work on the easier ones and do the rest on Monday. I would like to savour my weekend, thankyouverymuch!

So for the weekend, I decided to fix stuff in my new laptop (which I obscenely named Berting Tae because he's tough and brown--- will probably change to something else soon, but for now, I christened thee, BERTING TAE!!!) I have been ripping my CDs to my new laptop today. I finished Orange and Lemons' three albums and have been listening to them non-stop. They used to be my favourite band, more than Bloc Party and The Cure, I guess. One evening I got a text from a friend who's also a fan telling me my favourite band was breaking up. Up until today, few years after they broke up, I still don't know the reason why they did it. I miss going to their gigs, which though not religiously, I tried to go to every chance I got. 

Right now, my favourite local band is Taken by Cars, which I also read somewhere was also on the verge of breaking up then, but good thing they released another album with really awesome songs! If you ask me, their first album sounds kind of different with their second. I was supposed to do a feature on them at The Daily Grind's site, but haven't had the time to. But I will. I hope Nach and the rest of the crew won't get mad that I'm turning in my story a month after.

I also miss Bamboo and Sugarfree. Why are the good bands breaking up these days? What happened to Cueshe, gais? (LOL I don't really care)

Watched Pretty Woman before I went on a nap. Gosh Richard Gere, wherever you are now, you must know that I love you, deeeym.

Have a great weekend everyone!