Thursday, May 19, 2011


I miss my blog as much as I miss my laptop.

So, you must all know that Lily died three weeks ago and I am not comfortable blogging in some other people's computer. But here I am typing in my brother's PC because I really miss writing stuff here. There has been so many things happening that it's really hard to keep them all in pieces. But I will probably get down and jiggy with it as soon as I get my new lappytappy. 

Also, I got to go back to Boracay (after 4/3 years) two weeks ago, this time with my girls!!! I'm sooo tan because I went to Anawangin a week before that and I'm peeling like P.Diddy in Boracay. Cha said I looked like I've been staying in Boracay for a month. Hilar. We didn't do the usual Boracay thing though. We ended up eating in Astoria, Lian getting drunk on the sands, and Apol dancing uhm, I don't know what it was in Epic. We also taught Lian how to Doguie! It was a fun 4-day break. I wish it will happen again SOONER. 

I've been busy with werq~ Today I finished two personalities, one of which is Anton del Rosario who signed, kicked, and played with my ball... that would have sounded funnier (or awkward?) if I were a boy.

I'm getting sleepy. I just thought I needed to put something in here. 
Have fun you, guys!