Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ugh Adults.

They say wisdom comes with age. But it's funny how some older people lose their values and sanity along the way. Case in point, Willie Revillame and Marlene Aguilar. Two of the world's most complicated adults.

We all know Willie, the TV host we all either hate or love who's actually no stranger to scrutiny. He's been all over places, got suspended, got up from all the tremors, failed again, got loved again, sued, etc. Whatever worst thing you can come up with, he's probably done or got into it at some point. Once again, Willie's been subjected to public examination after a video of a 6-year-old boy gyrating indecently became viral. The boy, dancing in Snoop Dogg's The Next Episode, dancing like (as what they call it) a macho dancer while crying created an online uproar, with DSWD, CHR, UNICEF intervening the issue. Willie said it was the parents and not him who are responsible to the behaviour. He also said that if advertisers pull out from his program, his viewers will boycott their products. He also told some celebrities off after tweeting (supposedly Jim Paredes, Bianca Gonzalez, and Lea Salonga) that they'd rather do something to their countrymen instead of tweeting.

I don't think Willie is in the right state of mind. Hiding behind the line of poverty and helping other people is two different story. It's good to help people, but do you actually have to tell the world about it? A lot of people help, but they never said "Ano bang nagawa nyo sa mahihirap?" They just do. I've seen Willing Willie countless times, because my father hates telenovelas and finds the show amusing. But it icks me when Willie says "mahirap" and parading his achievements. Kesyo nainterview sya sa Wall Street Journal. Do we even give a fuck? I don't think he realised why people hate him so much. It's not an excuse that he didn't see what the boy's audition piece is. It's not an excuse that the kid's parents wanted the kid to do it. He should know better. He should have called off the entire thing and reprimand the people behind it, on cam like what he does every freaking time. He's also a father, even a grandfather. If he had seen his children/grandchild doing that would he also laugh and make fun of the situation? I don't think so. Being outspoken that he is, I don't think he would let that thing pass. Also, saying that if advertisers pull out from the show, his viewers will boycott the products is plain degrading. What does he think of his viewers? Stupid? They aren't sheep. You're not even someone to tell them what they can and cannot do. I want to know what exactly has he done, aside from giving (not even his) money in his shows? The biggest question is, why, despite all of these, people still love Willie? WHY? TV5 currently suspended child participation in the show and like MTRCB, would investigate the whole situation. While Willie asks everyone why was he judged? From all you did in the past, ask yourself why we can't trust you anymore?

Marlene Aguilar has got some nuts in her head. Yes, parents would do everything for their kids and yes, parents would say the darnedest things, but she's got heaps. But telling the world you're willing to pay anyone, anything for your son, even pay someone to have sex with him is sick. I've long given up in understanding Marlene. For all I care, just put Jason Ivler in Camp Bagong Diwa and don't let him have parties. Please find someone who will put Marlene in her place because I don't think her husband can do that job.

There are a couple of really annoying adults. Those who want to be respected, but won't do the same.  Those who tell you not to lie, cheat, and steal but commit the sin. Those who reprimand you for speaking your mind, and implying what they say is the universal truth. Those who judge you because you don't go to church, but they gossip non-stop after the mass.

Most people say that we should learn from adults. That they knew better. I've grown tired of hearing "Papunta ka pa lang, pauwi na ako" and "Marami ka pang kakaining bigas." What do these statements say, really? I don't think wisdom comes with age. Some people, no matter how old they get do not learn. other people even at young age show wisdom and understanding. They say young people now a days are hard headed, angry, and disrespectful. But they should also remember that what a child sees from adults will always be thought of as what is right. Kanino pa ba magmamana