Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Writing this with Black Swan in the Background

It's been a while since the last post, wasn't it? Fucked up internet connection is an ass. Been enjoying my work lately. Went to CamSur for two consecutive months this year. I guess I've already been used to going to CamSur that's why it wasn't much of a big deal anymore. I also like that I get to spend some time clients, just like last Friday. It was work for almost 10 hours and almost endless chat til about 11pm. It was fun to talk about politics, entertainment, history, etc. with Gov. Lray, Ms. Lara, MJ, and sir Wilson. I wish it will happen again, but I hope it won't be in Alabang anymore because it brings a lot of memories. Kidding.

Anyway, it seems like I've already adjusted with work life. Seven freaking months wasn't easy and it's great that I am actually surviving. I've started to love my job. People say that if you love your job, it doesn't come as work anymore. I wish the feeling lasts because it would totally be disappointing if at the middle of everything, I suddenly lose interest in what I am doing. There's the unending desire to know everything. It may not look like it, but I am willing to learn everything about PR, even if in the history of my classes in UST, I almost flunked (LOL I really did) my PR class because I'd rather watch John Lloyd movies and loiter in library than listen to professor. 

But despite all that, my wanting to go back to school re-emerged (hehe with the word). I don't know. It suddenly dawned on me that I wanted to go back to school, but not to master in Communications or Journalism. I know, that was the original plan. But I've became fascinated again with Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy --- three of my other choices for undergrad courses. I wanted to study again, but I don't want my parents to pay for it anymore, if ever. I don't want to study here also. I've been asking my cousin if he knows anything about scholarship grants in Germany and Switzerland where he's staying and he told me he'll tell me if ever. I am hoping it pushes through. I have been saving some of my salary for my future education, because I'm determined to really go back and study. 

If it won't happen, I can spend my money travelling. That's another way of learning new things. 

And for an inappropriately added GIF, just because. 

Good Night!

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