Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Spirit of Valentine's Day

Technology really does exciting things (not that I'm not yet aware of that)

We all know Azkals wonder boy Phil Younghusband asked Angel Locsin on twitter if she could be his date, which sent twitter world (or only their fans) in chaos. I initially thought it was annoying, but Phil said he didn't have Angel's number so the next best thing is a tweet. He got turned down for Valentine's, but Angel said they'll go out next time, maybe.

Being pokers of fun, my friends and I mocked the gesture and asked out our crushes who have Twitter accounts to become our (virtual) Valentine's day dates. Lian asked out a lot, but got nothing. What's funny is that she even asked out our friend Jeric, who eventually got something special tomorrow... There goes her chance. Her last resort is to pull someone from GMA Artist Center, preferably with the name Aljur Abrenica.

Cha asked out Wesly Gonzales and Paolo Bugia. Not challenging if you ask me. They reply to ANYONE and I mean ANYONE. 

I asked out three, Rafe Bartholomew, Val Emmich, and Edgar Allan Poe. Let the screen grabs guide you.

This is for Val Emmich:

In which he replied with: 

This is one for Rafe Bartholomew:

 I believe he liked it.

I sent this to Edgar Allan Poe, yup the dead writer.

I hope he rises from death for Valentine's day and date me.

Thought I should no longer send any to my Azkals crush Anton Del Rosario, but while I was washing dishes, I thought of something clever.

I hope he sees this and he replies.

This is so fun. No actual boyfriend to tell you anything. I wanna tap their asses. SERIOUSLY. As Liz Lemon would say it,

Admit it, PR writers are the most creative ones out there. HEHE

Tomorrow, I shall be tweet-inviting someone. Wish me luck. HAHA
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