Monday, February 14, 2011

My Thoughts on the Proposed AB Uniform

So this morning, some of my twitter friends (namely @_celestial, @TheDeniseFoz, and @thecatisabrat) started talking about the new AB uniform. When you're from AB, it's natural (or some acquired characteristic) that you are usi

@_celestial started describing the new uniform:

Because the Lebron BG is kewl.
I'm not a fashion guru, but the color combination screams, Ho-hum. I don't know why they have to put black in random places when Arts and Letters is already known for Navy Blue (?) colour. So I asked @TheDeniseFoz to show me the picture. And she tagged me in a Facebook photo that looks similar to this:

Personally, as an alumna of the Faculty, I think it's hideous. I don't know what they thought when they designed this uniform. You see, I'm not particularly a fan of our current uniform

Miss you guys. :-(
We have an A-line skirt-blouse combo that screams Elementary/Highschool student all over. I heard stories of other ArtLets who were not allowed to go inside a mall because they look like minors (guys, first What are you doing in the mall? Second, Isn't that a complement, they think you still look young? KIDDING). But aside from that, our uniform is one of the most comfortable uniforms I've ever seen in UST. It allowed us to move around, sit anywhere, get stained (period or not period, but still icky) and not get noticed, and run with ease. I don't get why some AB girls would rather have their skirts in pencil cut when it's so fucken hard to move in those skimpy skirts. AB girls, (guys let's be honest) are not particularly demure, unlike the ITHM girls, most of us are galawgaw. There might be a handful of them who aren't, but most of us run in the corridors and sit anywhere like mad. 

Our uniforms were designed for a purpose. Just look at the evolution (taken from Sir Ipe's Facebook):

Weren't you just glad it's less stiff and flowy today? Tas gusto nyo ulit masikip? Labo.

The proposed AB uniform is far cry from the traditional design. I don't exactly know why they want to change it so bad. Okay, our uniform isn't that bad. I can name other colleges that have bad uniforms, maybe AB is just one of those, but guys this proposed uniform is ridiculous. As @jamietalon (who I believe has a very good taste) said, it's hilarious. 

I don't get why they need to put vests. Seriously, VESTS? Why is there a sudden obsession with vests? In Philippines where it's sunny everyday? That's funny. Although I heard AB has new aircon units in classrooms, it's still fracken hot outside. Plus the colours black and navy blue spells: M-A-I-N-I-T. The only time it gets cold in UST is during November to February. The uniform looks like a rip-off of every college, okay just CTHM, San Beda and probably Commerce. But guys, really? I know a lot of people who are not particularly fond of their uniform, although they go to those colleges. 

I know people in Arts and Letters are intelligent and creative enough to come up with something better. We always have AB shirt design contest, why not have a propose an AB uniform uniform design contest? If you really want to change the uniform (and if it's really necessary) otherwise, forget the change. I read one answer from a forum who I think makes sense. "Wala sa uniform yan, nasa utak yan." Exactly.

Champion naman tayo sa Pautakan maski ganito ang uniporme natin 'di ba? :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Spirit of Valentine's Day

Technology really does exciting things (not that I'm not yet aware of that)

We all know Azkals wonder boy Phil Younghusband asked Angel Locsin on twitter if she could be his date, which sent twitter world (or only their fans) in chaos. I initially thought it was annoying, but Phil said he didn't have Angel's number so the next best thing is a tweet. He got turned down for Valentine's, but Angel said they'll go out next time, maybe.

Being pokers of fun, my friends and I mocked the gesture and asked out our crushes who have Twitter accounts to become our (virtual) Valentine's day dates. Lian asked out a lot, but got nothing. What's funny is that she even asked out our friend Jeric, who eventually got something special tomorrow... There goes her chance. Her last resort is to pull someone from GMA Artist Center, preferably with the name Aljur Abrenica.

Cha asked out Wesly Gonzales and Paolo Bugia. Not challenging if you ask me. They reply to ANYONE and I mean ANYONE. 

I asked out three, Rafe Bartholomew, Val Emmich, and Edgar Allan Poe. Let the screen grabs guide you.

This is for Val Emmich:

In which he replied with: 

This is one for Rafe Bartholomew:

 I believe he liked it.

I sent this to Edgar Allan Poe, yup the dead writer.

I hope he rises from death for Valentine's day and date me.

Thought I should no longer send any to my Azkals crush Anton Del Rosario, but while I was washing dishes, I thought of something clever.

I hope he sees this and he replies.

This is so fun. No actual boyfriend to tell you anything. I wanna tap their asses. SERIOUSLY. As Liz Lemon would say it,

Admit it, PR writers are the most creative ones out there. HEHE

Tomorrow, I shall be tweet-inviting someone. Wish me luck. HAHA

Friday, February 4, 2011

Temple n' Basilica

Because there is nothing more fascinating than visiting two places of worship in one day. 

Taoist Temple and Basilica Minore del Santo Niño
Cebu, Philippines. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Metal Rabbit for Earth Dragon

Because I don't believe in anything, I take everything I read in to consideration. I like reading/listening what's in store for me.

So I stumbled upon this site for Dragons and learned that we'll have a relatively lucky year.

What are the horoscope predictions for those born in the Year of the Dragon in 2011? What will the general luck outlook be for the dragons in the Year of the Rabbit? For those with dragon as their Chinese zodiac animal sign in 2011, the dragon can expect a rather good metal rabbit year. The fortunes of the dragons in rabbit year 2011 will be better compared to 2010. The dragons will have better wealth luck, better health and better career star in their path. The 2011 Chinese astrology predictions for dragon indicate that the dragon person will have a good luck level which will wash away all the unlucky fortunes that has been following the dragons. 
The horoscope 2011 Year of the Rabbit predictions for the dragon forecasts that while there may be inauspicious stars in the life chart of the dragon in 2011, dragons will have many lucky stars escorting them in 2011. The positive stars in 2011 will outshine the unlucky stars in the rabbit year for the dragon. Dragons will see things moving more smoothly in 2011 metal rabbit year as the dragon will obtain positive results in the changes they made in this Year of the Rabbit. The dragons will see their fortunes become better and their feng shui in 2011 will also become better. There will be considerable mainstream income but a little less on windfall gains for the dragons in 2011. Even the dragons will have their wealth star shining brightly in 2011, they are advised to be careful when going into new ventures as there will always be unpredictable risk associated with new investment schemes.
The career star in 2011 for the dragons will shine brightly in the Year of the Rabbit. In the Chinese astrology 2011 forecasts for the dragon person, the career of the dragon will see major developments. For dragons hoping to become entrepreneurs in 2011, well, this is the best time to go for it. Doing well at your business will see you gaining more wealth in the rabbit year. There may be promotions at the corner in 2011 for the dragon peron. There are good chances for you to obtain monetary benefits as well as fame in 2011 for the dragon person. Dragons in 2011 can have a good 2011 feng shui by getting to know more people in the rabbit year in order to open new opportunities and expand their business. Dragons must not be arrogant as this action will caused other to despise you and thus making you feeling uneasy.
Dragon in Year of the Rabbit will have good wealth luck but what about the dragon’s health luck in 2011? Dragons will see their health greatly improved in the metal rabbit year but they have to watch their diet and hygiene factor closely. In order for the dragon person to stay fit in the rabbit year, they must eat more healthy food and exercise on a more regular basis. To stay safe in 2011, the 2011 dragon horoscope predicts that the dragon may face some danger in water sports. In the relationship area for the dragons in the rabbit year, couples will likely have a good time together. The dragon in metal rabbit year must get rid of their poker face in 2011 and be more frank with your facial expression. A gentle smile will allow the dragons to have a better romance with their partners. The compatible animal sign in 2011 for the dragons include the rat, monkey and rooster.
What can the dragon do in 2011 do to get rid of bad luck in the Year of the Rabbit? What are the ways can the dragon carry out to attract more wealth in 2011 and have a better 2011 feng shui? The 2011 horoscope readings in rabbit year suggest that the dragon should put lucky amulets that belong to the dragon and rooster zodiac animals at the wealth position of the house. The dragon should also place a wealth beckoning ingot there too. The main reason for carrying out this feng shui procedure is to harness the wealth luck and thus allow the dragons to accumulate wealth in 2011. If you are still unsure whether you are born with dragon as your Chinese zodiac sign, well, you are a earth dragon if you are born in 1928 while you are a metal dragon if your birth year is 1940. You are a water dragon if you are born in 1952 while you will be a wood dragon if you are born in 1964. If you have 1976 as your birth year, then you will be a fire dragon while you are definitely an earth dragon if you are born in 1988.
But you know what will make me really feel lucky? Tikoy.