Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 26 - Attraction

What kind of person attracts you.
It's hard to pin down my type because I have nothing specific physically. Unlike Cha who likes boys bald and buff and Lian who's attracted to dirty (I bet she'll say rugged or scruffy) guys, my type ranges from tall to short, fair skinned to moreno, bald to hairy, buff (or chubby LOL) to payatot.

I guess their common denominator would be brains because I like guys who know a lot. I hate it when I ask something and he ends up asking "ano yun?" (but if I really like you, I would go and explain but that rarely happens). I like guys who are wide readers. I like him witty and street smart. I like guys who are passionate. I like workaholics (HAHA). I like guys who are good in math (or numbers in general). I like guys with thick eyebrows and can dance (regardless if he's good or awful--- awfully cute that is).

I can go on and on with what I like, but I know it's hard to get all of that in one person. 
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