Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 24 and 25 - Serial Killers

Your favourite movie and what it’s about.
 Someone who fascinates you and why.
 Figured it won't be too much of a cheating if it kind of talks about the same thing, right?  

If I tell it again, it would be a redundancy. You can use search box in my blog to know why I like Silence of the Lambs and also why I consider it my favourite movie. 

I don't have an exact person in mind, rather I have a set of persons. I have also written about it them in a previous entry, albeit briefly. As I've mentioned in an older post, my fascination with serial killers started after watching Silence of the Lambs (1991). Although I know I was a really young for that movie when I first saw it, I developed a really weird interest with serial killers. There were several documentaries in Discovery Channel years ago about serial killers and I would sit through an entire episode, eyes glued on screen. If I somehow acquired  better aptitude in science, I would have probably taken up Psychology and also I would have excelled in anything about serial killers, if there were any topic or subject (hooray if there were a subject on serial killers!) I have books about them, with "The World's Greatest Serial Killers" as my favourite.

I just thought it would be amazing to get through a killer's mind. For someone who finds reason in everything, I find a killer's mind intriguing and I want to know what led them to do killing people. Reading about how serial killers do their things weirds me out, and at the same time amazes me. I wonder how they do it ever so cunningly. How they play minds (most notable of course was Jack the Ripper and Zodiac Killer) is amazing. Don't confuse my interest as glorification. Killing should be condemned. 

Hope this fascination won't scare you though. 

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