Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 23 - You Guyz.

 Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive.
The reason why I chose this challenge is because of this category. I was kind of excited to do this one because I appreciate beauty, especially beautiful boys. When I was younger, I would write a quarterly ranking of the boys I had a crush on, with averages as if they are competing for the top honours in class. I can still show you the list if you want.

It's a bit hard to just give five gorgeous men because there are a lot. I hope the others won't get jealous. Guys, you're still beautiful in my eyes. And so the top five are:

1. Mikhail Baryshnikov

Had to find a photo when he was still not over 50. If I were to choose if I want a man who can sing or dance, I'd choose the latter. Just imagine how exciting nights would be if a guy can flex, just like Misha.

Ballerinas so sexy!

Here he is now:

2. Andrew Garfield

Hi Bibi, don't do that. Heeeh. 
The new Spiderman. We know how flexible Spidey can get right? Nevermind that it's quite awkward to say I have a crush on Andrew because that's also the name of my brother. One look on this lovely boy and you get your panties wet in an instant. 

3. Lukas Podolski

He's one of the reasons why I rooted for Die Mannschaft during the World Cup. He's a sexy football god that even German fans have a song for him. 

This is how our baby will look like, exactly like his father.
4. Hideo Muroaka

Suddenly, the Bra-panese (Brazilian-Japanese) models are here! There's Aki, Daniel, and Fabio (Ide) but the one who truly stood out for me is Hideo. I've seen and worked with him a couple of times and in between running and captioning during events, my eyes still get glued on Hideo. Regardless if he's married or not (which I think he is) he's still my baby daddy in my dreams. 

5. Piolo Pascual

I don't freaking care if same-sex marriage is not allowed in the Philippines. I'd still marry Piolo in a heartbeat. Whether he's gay or not, he's still one of the most gorgeous men I've ever laid my eyes on. I can watch Don't Give Up on Us all day even if I hate his hair there.

Jericho Rosales - actor
Kaka - Brazilian football player
Matthew Morrison - Actor/Singer, Mr. Schuester from Glee
Tom Court - Kiteboarder from UK
Nick Taylor - Wake Skater from USA


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Carolyn said...

Aleksandr Petrovsky! True, he's such a DILF nga. Super relate to Carrie when she was dating him in the series. Olders guys are so hot. And on Andrew Grafield: DROOL. Haha.