Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 15 and 16 - Cheat II

Your favourite tumblrs.
Your views on mainstream music.
Doing this while waiting for the riders briefing here in CWC again. I'm travelling often for work and mostly it's here in CamSur. The weather's unpredictable, one time it's hot, then it's cold. Now it's raining. I wonder how will it be tonight though. 

I'm sorry, I'm going to cheat again as I don't have much time in my hands these past few days. Been juggling accounts and events. Anyho, doing yesterday's and today's because I might not be able to do one tonight. By the way, I'm leaving CamSur also tomorrow so I gotta meet (and talk to) Nick Taylor tonight, probably get some pictures taken too. Heeeh. 

My favourite tumblrs in no particular order:

  1. Helgaholic
  2. Fuckyeahblack
  3. Sophiacoppola
  4. sexmusic
  5. fuckyeahnicolerichie
  6. themargaritaqueen
  7. pelikula
  8. inonthernews
  9. unomagazine
  10. popculturebrain

Mainstream music is not for everybody. But if someone likes it, let them be. Walang basagan ng trip.

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