Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 09 - Future

 How you hope your future will be like.
In the future, I want my family and #theJeep to have happy and stable lives. I hope my friends and I will still be together every birthdays and Christmas parties like the one we had last year. (With Chiara)

Obviously here, you can't see our costumes
Is Cha Sidney Bristow or Jessica Alfaro?
I guess she's Jessica Alfaro this time.
In the future, I want Lian to marry Niel Etheridge so they'll have a cute baby boy and her baby and my baby will end up together provided her son isn't eating booger

Lian Berry
I want Cha to continue giving us free samples of shampoo so we won't have to put that one in our shopping lists

In the future, I want the #fantasticfour to remain fantastic and that we continue travelling together

In the future, I hope my HS friends and I will still regularly watch movies and do-sing alongs often

And in the future I want a lifetime of happiness with Andrew Garfield

or my own Mr. Big

While acting like a boss


Of course a nice house and money won't hurt too.
All these after 2012 please. Thank you!
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