Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 02 - Decade

Where you’d like to be in 10 years.
People know me as "the planner" because I plan things ahead of time. Like for instance, for our Cebu trip, I convinced my friends to plan the JANUARY trip one OCTOBER night. I cannot schedule anything at once, I need to have at least a  week before I can actually confirm. I feel unprepared with unplanned anything. So it won't surprise you if I already have a 10-year plan. I do have one, no I think I DID have one.

My plans were kind of re-planned recently with the fast change of everything plus the nearing end of the world. (LOL) I once said I wanted to get married when I'm 28, but I don't think that will happen in six years or anytime in 10 years. I also once wanted to have kids, but I suddenly had a change of heart and decided if I'll have offspring, I'll probably just have one (still a girl whose first name will still be Simone). I also said I wanted to travel in three years, but look at me now, planning my trips after a year of saying that. There goes the life plan. What a complete success.

Probably I've decided to just let the time take its course and let things be. I can probably plan short-term, like meetings (heh) but I probably cannot do lifelong, even 10 years. There are probably dreams, just to keep me focused, but I won't plan anything. I will be wherever I have to be in 10 years. I am afraid if I don't get to be the person I see myself in 10 years, I will be disappointed with myself. I don't want that. Wherever I end up, whatever I get, whatever it is I'm doing in the next 10 years is still unknown. Time can only tell. My future has yet to be written. (Butt load of cliché, anyone?) We don't know what the next two years, five years will give us, so what more with 10, right?

Though in 10 years, I'd probably be a ballerina in Russia married to Andrew Garfield
/as if.

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