Friday, December 31, 2010

A-yo, Got to Let Go!

Because a lot of people will agree that 2010 was a so-so year, but not as bad as 2009. Personally, if I press rewind and look at what 2010 gave me, it was pretty decent. There were the best of things (graduation, travelling, new job etc.) and there were the worst of things (break-up, a month of depression etc.) I guess it just happens to most of us, we really cannot have it all. Although we try our best every January 1st to start the year right, there is got to be at least two unfortunate things that are bound to happen within the year. 

But instead of complaining, why don't we take time and reflect (yes, that's the word) on things we learned from all these experiences. Instead of moping and whining, probably it is best that we should be thankful of all the great things that happened in the past year and learn from our mistakes. That's the better spirit!

2010 was something worth celebrating because:
  • My Family, in all ways
  • Our pets: a total of seven dogs, thanks for being stress busters
  • My College friends who despite having different schedules took time to celebrate each other's birthday and the fantastic Christmas party
  • My High School friends, forever supporting my career as a professional dancer and always taking time to plan a meet up and always trying to make them happen
  • Dave, in which I will no longer detail why and what I am thankful for 
  • My work which gives me money to help pay the dues and buy my books and of course my terrific workmates and bosses
  • All the people I met, I loved, hated, inspired me, I inspired, and learned from
  • My growing collection of books. More books, more knowledge
  • The weekends
  • For all the wonderful trips this year. I cannot express how happy I am that I get to discover the country more and hopefully get to see the rest next year
  • All those I forgot, but will forever be grateful for
And for all those bad things that happened, may we all shake off the excess (hatred) and learn. Let go and let live.

May 2011 be a new year of hope and happiness to everybody!
See you all next year. :-)

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