Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holidays 2010

For those who don't know, I really have a bad memory. In fact, I cannot memorise to save my life. But if there's one thing amazing about my memory that amazes me to no end is that it remembers things which happened eons ago and I have fantastic photographic memory (according to people I talk to). Really. 

But maybe my memory only chooses what it wants to remember. Because I can't remember when I started having bad Christmas. Those years when I'd rather sleep through an entire Noche Buena because I don't feel like celebrating. I know those were pretty recent Christmases because my childhood memories of Christmas were all fun. I think people who are getting older really fast are those who don't enjoy Christmas as much. Not until something really great happens to them and that's when they start believing about Christmas again.

Truth is, I thought I'll have one of those Christmas again. Having a not so great 2010 which I won't be detailing anymore, I was ready to have another fucked up Christmas. Fortunately, I didn't. I don't know what made it worth celebrating. Despite a whirlwind of unfortunate events, December redeemed the entire year of booboo. 

We didn't have a grand celebration, but it was fun to sit down and laugh with the family which is something we haven't done in a while. Maybe also this time, the Christmas shopping got me on a high! It was fun to give presents and although it will leave you cash strapped, the look on their faces are priceless. It's also great to reward yourself once in a while, especially if you know you deserve them. Being appreciative of what you've accomplished instead of whining is the best way to go. 

And so for the first time after years of dreading the holiday celebration, I was actually happy!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas too :-) 

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