Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Two- Nine Things You Have Learned About Yourself This Year

There is definitely nothing new about myself this year, I think. Believe it or not, my life has been a cycle of the things past. But in the spirit of the challenge, I will try my best to remember what I learned about myself this year. 

1. Unconsciously, despite people telling me I am gregarious in real life, I want be left alone most of the times. I eat alone for lunch, spend my lunch break walking around Legazpi Village, or going to bookstores alone on Friday nights because that's how I roll.

2. If I had to choose people I hang out with, they must be the same folks I hung out with since forever (or four years ago). I also think letting them go will be very hard for me as much as making new friends again. (#thejeep, maldita)

3. If I really like something, I make it happen.

4. My patience has exceeded my expectations. It was tested so much this year and it wasn't an easy feat. 

5. I love someone too much and I leave a lot of things for people to see. Later on, I realised I should keep to myself and to whoever I am sharing something with the things we do because people don't really need to know so much. Plus, in the end they'll use it against you. Sad reality.

6. I have a tendency to be very sentimental. For example, the scrunchie I am using everyday, it means a lot. I cannot afford to lose it, but I don't want to leave it at home. One time, I thought I lost it, I almost went to tears. Crazy. 

7. It's fascinating that I find myself believing in 11:11 this year. Some of the wishes I made worked, other didn't. But I still do it. 

8. I have been liking the same person for almost 10 years and counting. I hope I do not gross that person out.

9. My comfort food will always be from McDonald's. 

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