Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day Three- Eight Movies that Changed Your Life

As much as I wanted to take this 10-day meme seriously, I cannot find it in my heart to answer properly. Especially this one. Although I guess there could be eight out of gazillion movies I've seen that changed my life, my memory won't function well tonight.

So maybe, I should just list down eight of my favourite movies? That's more rhetorical.

1. Silence of the Lambs- Watched this movie for the first time when I was nine or ten when Pa brought home some VHS tapes from this place we used to rent movies near our former abode. He said this movie is good, won some Oscars and being the type who would watch ANYTHING on TV, I sat next to him and went through the movie. After two++ hours, I was speechless. It was a fuckin' awesome (Did not say the F word then, but it was!) I watched it second, third time and it officially became my favourite movie of all time, Jodie Foster became my favourite actress for some time, and I became fascinated with killers. What a childhood.

2. Mean Girls- It's been a while since we've had something REALLY funny in the big screen. Probably since Mean Girls. If there's one movie I can say random lines at most random times, I'd say a lot from Mean Girls. There was a time when I'd watch this movie over and over (It was summer before fourth year HS I think?) I also got the "Jingle Bell Rock" dance steps memorised. I'm just waiting for a right time and the right boy to show this sexy dance moves to. Rawr. Funny how in high school, some of my batch mates called me Queen Bee, when I wasn't as bad ass as Regina George, but I wish I was. College was extra terrific because one of my girls, Nachi had the lines memorised too! (I love my friends!) I also heard they'll be a Mean Girls 2. Argh. Guys, forget it. Stop saying SEQUEL, SEQUEL isn't gonna happen.

3. Pretty in Pink/Sixteen Candles/The Breakfast Club a.k.a. my favourite John Hughes movies- We all know 80's as decade of fishnet stockings, punk rock, and new wave music. We also know 80's as the decade of teen movies directed by John Hughes (RIP). I know, I should only list EIGHT, but I cannot help it. I just got to list these movies in the same number and pay tribute to one of the best directors there is (was). All three movies got Molly Ringwald (once wanted to be like her), all three movies had teen angst, all three movies had cute boys. Heeeh. Funny the guy in Sixteen Candles had the same name with one of my ex-MU in HS. Plus, who would forget "Don't you, forget about me/don't/don't/don't/don't while throwing fist in the air? I recently watched Easy A and found they had references on most John Hughes movies. Like Olive, I wish John Hughes wrote my life, but he didn't.

Wanted to be Sam, Andy, and Claire.
4. Sleepless in Seattle/You've Got Mail- These Nora Ephron movies never fail to make us all giddy, don't they? Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have this chemistry that despite having these movies filmed years apart, they still get audiences feel warm and fuzzy after watching. I love them! Makes us think that there is someone, somewhere waiting for us and we'll meet them, despite the means and distance. Hay, sappy love stories.

 I like to start my notes to you as if we're already in the middle of a conversation. I pretend that we're the oldest and dearest friends -- as opposed to what we actually are, people who don't know each other's names and met in a Chat Room where we both claimed we'd never been before. -Kathleen (Shopgirl) to Joe (NY152)
5. Notting Hill- The mother of all princess loves a pauper story of our generation! I don't know anyone who hates this movie, even those who are men enough to cry over happy endings. There was a time when HBO showed it almost every day and every hour that almost all the people I know were watching it, crying. Even Dave enjoyed quoting it so much, it was weird that in almost two days, we exchanged quotes from the movie.

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her -Anna Scott to William Thacker
6. Wallstreet- It's old, I know. I first saw this movie in HBO (or Star Movies?) and I was sick to my stomach. Did not understand pretty much everything finance related, but it was a good movie. Then I watched it the second time after downloading one (rar rar rar!) The movie's wicked. It made me think how crazy finance is, and oh, Greed is Good. By the way, the part two is good also, but it's not as hardcore as the first one. It's got a bit heart (lulz) because aside from numbers, it got family stuff about Gecko. P.S. Number dude(s), I can marry one anytime, especially if one looks like Shia in motorcycle. 

7. American Psycho- Blood grosses me out, fortunately despite how bloody (and morbid) this movie is, I never get tired of watching it over and over. I finally got the book, but I haven't started reading it yet because I have so much to do. Hopefully by Christmas break or something. Christian Bale, where do I begin? You got some hot butt exposure. Boobs are everywhere. Well written satire. Don't bother watching the part two though. It's horrible. 

8. Going the Distance- Probably the best Drew Barrymore movie I've seen in a while, plus Justin Long is so adorbz. I wonder why they broke up? It's hard to date someone who's very busy, but it's harder to date someone from another place. The perils of long-distance relationship chronicled in this movie. My girlfriends and I ended up "awww"-ing in most scenes. The movie has a wonderful soundtrack too. The Boxer Rebellion, anyone? 

It was hard to come up with eight movies if you got tons of others that you equally love. I want to know yours. Not necessarily movies that changed your life, just your favourites. 

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