Friday, December 3, 2010

Day One- 10 Facts About Yourself

I have succumbed to this Ten Day Challenge to keep this blog going. I hope I can keep up with this. It's just 10 days, not even 30--- Can you just imagine my commitment?

1. If you ask me about my childhood, I will most probably tell you about the TV shows I watched as a kid. At a young age, you can definitely say I'm a couch potato. I spent so many hours watching TV. I even have some commercials memorised, like the one from Wet Set Inflatables which I wonder nobody remembers. Also this TV show called "For Kids Only," which was responsible in that point of my life when I perpetually asked my parents to get me My Baby All Gone doll.

2. Remember your first crush? I do! It's even weird that at such a young age, I admit that I really have uncanny taste in men (Not that someone I like right now is weird. It's just that my taste varies, unlike some of my friends who like bald, muscular guys, or untidy boys--- Cha and Lian respectively). My first crush was a wrestler. Yup, I watched WWF (before it became WWE) when I was a kid, even staying up just to watch it (Disclaimer: This doesn't mean I have awful parents who allowed me to stay up late, Ok?) One time, during a match, Mr. Perfect was beaten up so badly, I cried to my mom and told her to stop the fight, which of course she can't do. My dad who was taking a bath at that time, had to wash off the soap quickly to tell me that it's not real. There goes my childhood, ruined. 

You're my old school love, RIP
3. I buy books more often than I buy clothes (which I think is pretty obvious). If I had to buy new clothes, I go to three (it used to be just two) stores: Bench, Nafnaf, and Zara. If I don't have money, I go to thrift shops. If you ask me, I'd rather shop in Ukay or in Cubao X, than in malls.

4. When I'm mad, I don't talk and I cry. 

5. I like my bread toasted twice. The more toasted, the better, then I put butter. During my first trip to Camsur, I ate a lot more toasted bread than say, Laing Pizza even if I know it's supposed to be must-taste because it's their specialty. I eat toasted white bread on a regular basis. I don't like wheat bread because I am not weight conscious. Truth be told, I wanna get fat. 

6. When I make decisions, I usually talk to myself out loud, in English. 

7. I hate borrowing stuff from other people, as much as I hate lending my stuff to them--- except if I know you're someone I can share things with like Lian. 

8. If I could, I would like to move out of our house and live on my own. I have been wanting to get an apartment/unit and probably bring home some boy(s)--- KIDDING. 

9. I am dying to get a tattoo. I know I have the craziest skin ever. But all I can think of is getting myself inked one of these days. I have already decided what I want to put, like my favourite word (starts with F if you want a clue) on my right wrist, tattooed in white ink. The words "I am, I am, I am" from Sylvia Plath's Bell Jar somewhere I haven't decided yet or "This is not an exit" from American Psycho. I also thought about putting wayfarer on my nape, heh something without any significance really. My former mentor Ms. Eva got some really cool tattoos and she showed them to me. I especially liked the one on her legs. I'm envious. 

10. I need something to believe in. 


Lian Nami Buan said...

This blog reeks of my name. Just sayin'.

Angelique FP said...

who else am i going to refer to if not you?