Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Five- Six Reasons to Keep on Living

OT: Philippine Football Team Azkals made it to semi-finals! Hoorah, Hoorah! As per Lian's tweet, they'll be heading home tomorrow. Why must my flight be on Friday? But then, my friends and I are going to Bacolod next year. I wonder when they'll go there (hopes it will be on April/May)

/edit: They'll play on January. K. Nvm. 

I had a mistake of answering what's for day six yesterday. I know, numbers and I don't mix well. (excuses! Your mother will be very disappointed, young lady. You should start wearing your glasses again!) So here's what's supposed to be for day five.

Today's theme is really ~*serious*~, I don't know how ~*deep*~ my answers should be.

1. My dreams
2. My dreams
3. My dreams
4. The three other guys in my family (Ma, Pa, and Kuya + pets probably)
5. My friends
6. I still haven't found the One (lol on capitalisation) 

If you got no dreams, what's the reason for living, Ayt?

/why am I Gangster tonight? 
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