Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Road: Music Edition

I was on my way home from an event tonight, taking a different route from my usual way home. My officemate dropped me off somewhere nearer my house, though I still had to ride a bus and a trike to get to my turf. Like most nights, tonight I went home alone. 

When I know I should be scared, my playlist keeps me calm. I usually listen to my playlist saved in my Blackberry. It's so convenient to have a fone and music player in one unit, but I'd really love some iPod shuffle 3rd Generation. Yes, that thin one, that one most people found ugly, I want that. I don't like local radio stations, except probably NU 107 which recently signed off forever, in favour of more mainstream music of WIN 107. I haven't tuned in to that station, and I never plan to. 

Though I know you'd never ask, I will be self-indulgent still and tell what I have in my playlist. They're usually from bands like The Cure, The Boxer Rebellion, and The National. My affinity for bands with names starting with THE is beyond my comprehension. Not that bands starting with THE are awesome, but most are, right? Songs from The Cure, being my most favourite band ever, are usually my most played. If BB music player has "how many times played?" counter, it'll probably lost count on my favourite song alone which is "Mint Car." My favourite song from TBR "These Walls are Thin." I can probably stop in Makati Ave in the morning during traffic and sing this song on top of my lungs. The National's "The Perfect Song" is perfect, hence the name, or just my thoughts?

My usual pick me upper are Glee songs. I have tons and when I mean tons, I mean TONS! I thank my brother for patiently downloading every single song they're singing in each episode. Last week, "Teenage Dream" was on my loop. This week, it's Gwyneth Paltrow's "Forget You." Although I would love them to get Ms. Paltrow and have her regularly in the show, I think that won't be possible because we'll eventually get tired of her character, true? My favourite Glee songS are those they sang at Sectionals--- Faithfully, Any way You Want It/ Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin', and Don't Stop Believing. If I wanted to dance some more, I listen to Taken by Cars or Alphabeat. Add some Bloc Party and The Killers and I'm good to go. 

On way home, when it's traffic and the bus isn't showing TV Patrol (a.k.a. 24 Oras or some B-movie), I like to listen to India Arie's Heart of the Matter or Erykah Badu's Window Seat. James Morrison is also my favourite "bumper to bumper traffic" artist, also John Mayer. But if there's one song I will never get tired of listening to all day, even if my ears bleed, it'll be "Girl on TV" by LFO. Rest in Peace Rich Cronin. It was actually the song I immediately played when I heard he died. 

There are A LOT more. I will gladly show them to you if we meet. That is if you're still interested, or e-mail?

My playlist saves me from boredom or endless talkies from DJs. Gone are the days when it's all music. Even music channels right now have VJs talking nonstop about nonsense, instead of music videos. Thank heavens for personal music players, it saves you from the hassle of enduring DJs solving other people's love problems for the entire duration of their program.

I'd like to know, do you have any on the road playlist? What kind of music? What bands? 


Lian said...

Nick and Norah's soundtrack on the jeep on my ipod for.e.ver.

Angelique FP said...

Lian, are you still in the office? Hardcore ka naman! Haha

Alex said...

The Crash, always always.

Angelique FP said...

The Crash, another THE band hehe