Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baguio be Blogged

There is definitely something about Baguio that no matter how many times you go there (so much that you almost don't have any where else to go because you have been to every "must-visit" spot there is), you will always, always find your way back. 

It could be the climate. Though it's not as cool as it was 10, 20 years ago, Baguio's 14 degrees Celsius is still better than Manila's 30 by mile.

It could also be the nice people. You go anywhere around Baguio City and your taxi fare won't reach P100. If it would, you probably won't think it's because the taxi driver did some hocus pocus. If you give excess amount for fare, drivers will give you exact change. If you go around and can't find your way, you can ask people and they won't be pissed. They will even lead the way, even coming with you just to make sure you went to the right place. I bet if Amazing Race were to take place in Baguio, contestants will be very happy.

My friend Apol said Baguio has healing powers. This I haven't tried yet, but based on her experience and my best friend Lian's, they both agreed that their recent Baguio trips helped them recover from whatever rot they had. I'm just lucky that after days of events and tiring work load, I was able to go and took a weekend off from Manila. 

Lucky that I didn't have working internet and that my fone connection was going zonkers, because if it weren't for those, I'd probably be stuck with my laptop. 

But we were actually stuck with my laptop because we were watching Glee over and over, trying to memorise "Forget You," until we realised that it officially became our weekend in Baguio song and we would randomly sing lines from the song (no matter how inaccurate the lines we're singing) in the middle of Session Road at 1 a.m.

Close second was "Two is Better than One" after this girl sang it so well in 108 Session Road Cafe and even if we had to leave by 5pm, we chose to stay and wait for her to finish the song. I expect that one of these days, one of us will record and make a version of this song. The last time I went to Baguio, it was "The Man Who Can't be Moved," that was stuck in my head after this local band fronted by this guy from a local singing contest, sang it in Giligan's.

And there's this new place we found on our last day, that it would be a shame if we didn't drop by.

Due to constant raving of Apol's Baguio friends, we dropped by Oh My Gulay- Artist Cafe in La Azotea, Session Road. The place is owned by Kidlat Tahimik. They serve vegetarian meals, thus the name. There were a lot of mixed-medium artworks by Carlo Villafuerte. This one's my favourite

And there are some photos of us, on afternoons we got to go out

Excuse the Mr. Bean face, hehe
If I were to be asked where I want to settle when I get tired of Manila, I'd say Baguio in a heartbeat. I will go back to Baguio every week if I have the money and the means.
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