Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Timothy, Where Have You Been?

This blog is slowly growing cobwebs. I don't remember writing anything read worthy, because clearly sometimes I feel like I don't have life anymore. Lol, exxxag. Or there is nothing significant to share OR (this is a better or I think) I'm no longer the type who would blab away anything, for the sake of writing. I've learned that whatever you put out in the world wide web, will be judged. People will assume things about you. They think what you put out online is your complete life. Which by the way isn't a good assumption. Unless of course when you let your rage in Twitter every minute or so, or argue with invisible monsters just to tell people how "scary" you are. That image is actually so high school, nobody gets scared in social networking sites anymore. You know what you should do, name who you're pissed off with and don't flood. Hehe, by the way this goes for everyone. 

In other news, tonight I'm writing down all the things on top of my head, like my thoughts on how semi-awesome PR is. No matter how awesome your job is, there will be something you'd hate about it. There are days when I do internal monologue, practising lines I will say when I'm already resigning (or do you actually say that or write that down?) But there is still so much to learn. I might detest some things about my job (which I won't enumerate, just so not to scare those who have PR dreams) because whatever I will say will probably sound so amateur and immature. Besides, how can I evaluate PR life when I only have two months worth of experience? I don't want to say anything subjective because in truth, I know I suck big time. If there is someone who should complain, who's always at her wits end, it should be our boss. Today is better than yesterday, primarily because I did not upset anyone, in text message or e-mail although I only had four hours of sleep.

Which leads me to why I had four hours of slumber last night, or this morning--- whichever you prefer.I went to the first party I've attended to since I can't remember. I know, I swore off clubbing (do you kids call that thing "clubbing" these days? /feelingoldie) ever since that White Ave night I went to out of the thoughts of getting free Bacardi a year ago. I also know that after chugging down two glasses of I can't exactly remember drink from Gweilos last December and ended throwing up and almost prank calling an ex-boyfriend for being so drunk, I know I've erased the thoughts of drinking (except okay when I was depresso last March--- which I can't remember anymore). So last night, I went out with my officemates and partied (lol, the term makes me laugh) at Republiq. Being the nice girl that I was (last night, who am I kidding? I'm not nice) I did not drink until 11pm, only had Chardonnay (congratulate me!) and went home by 12MN. This is read worthy stuff, you guys! My officemates are planning on returning there next week, and I am thinking of passing on that one, because... I don't like boys--- anymore. 

No, I am totally not turning lesbian. Not that being one is awful, okay? Whoever thinks that way should be sworn off the planet. No kidding. I don't like OTHER boys except this one. I am happy I am in a better disposition right now. Seriously, everyone should go find someone who complements them or makes them happy, despite how sore ass life is. I wish everyone gets that. And it's great that people who really like each other don't rush things. Trust me, 10-11 years of friendship is not even enough, but it's a good foundation. I've learned that the words "I Love You" isn't supposed to be given, just because. And guys, learn, don't wash dirty linens in public. Again, just don't do it. Don't allow anyone to call you shit, with or without your permission (seriously why would you permit anyone to call you shit anyway?)

That's all. I think I have to read some stuff for work tonight. 

If this comes out a bit weird, by all means leave a comment. Amuse me. 
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