Monday, August 9, 2010


Today isn't a good day.

Although I had an awesome event awhile ago (please buy Pond's Pure White with Activated Carbon hehe) at Manila Peninsula (the food is great! Manila Pen are we seeing each other on my wedding day?) I wasn't able to finish my entire day because I had to go home and rest. Reason: dysmenorrhea. I don't know why my period came a bit early this month and it came on a weekday. I'm pretty sure, without even tracking, that my period would come on third week (it used to be first week or last week then it changed to third week) and it would always, always come on a weekend so I was surprised when I went to comfort room and saw the monthly visitor coming in early. I thought I was going to last the whole day, but I didn't. My dysmenorrhea wouldn't happen regularly. Last month, I remember not having it. But today, of all the possible days to get it, I ended up twisting in pain and decided to go home early, unable to go back to office and finish my articles.

I feel kind of sad. 

Today is supposed to be a start of a new, good week. Payday, sale, shopping date with girls, dinner with  high school friends, the possibility of getting my Blackberry anytime this week and all the other great things coming ahead. But this one made me really down. I hope the saying that how you start anything will affect the entire experience is not true. This time, I hope how my week started won't affect my entire week. I hope this won't happen again. I felt really unproductive today and I hate the feeling of not being productive. I hate the thought of work getting piled up. I hate letting people down.

Tonight, I am getting a good sleep. Redeem myself tomorrow and work my ass off. Things have to be done.

Here's for a better tomorrow.



How does one NOT get dysmenorrhea?
Sorry about this period post. 


Buono Viaggio, Chiara! I will miss you terribly. :-(
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