Monday, August 30, 2010

Ah, Weekends!

Extended weekends are real treat.
That of course is an understatement. There could be something grander to say about long weekends.

Someone who hates long weekends must not have a life aside from work. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to stay longer in bed and savour lazy ass mornings of non- rush hours? The opportunity to eat food completely, without having to bring what your eating to work or not skipping meals altogether is just terrific. Afternoon naps even though you woke up past breakfast time, just because you can take naps and the thought of not getting work related e-mails or calls because everybody's on their freaking holiday.

Ever since I got myself a Blackberry (yes, one of them workaholic drones ya' know), my phone is on its constant ringing, to the point that I'd put it on silent, just so I won't feel like I'm drowned with phone calls and e-mails every minute. But I am happy with my BB, because even though I am on location, I can still get client e-mails and have my things done with documents on the go app. Okay, I sounded like I just promoted RIM's little wonder. I just pimped my phone. Geez.

As anti- social as it sounds, I am happy that none of the supposed hang- outs pushed through this weekend. You know, everybody's getting their salary at the end of the month and malls are having their sale etc. Although my friends would totally hate me for saying this, I am really happy I got to stay home for three days. It's so nice to bank on some sleep after days of almost not getting any. Though I wasn't able to go back to my reading, (the closest thing I got to reading material was Vanity Fair and Fortune Magazine blah--- don't get me wrong, these mags are good stuff, but I wish I resumed reading Ellis again or start with Salinger's) I am pretty sure I did almost everything I set aside over the other weekends like spring cleaning, catching up on Rachel Zoe (made me die, bananas) and fixing my sleep. It feels awesomely different that on rare occasions such as this I hit the sack before 12. I also, watched Ms. Universe 2010 and had a major, major lesbian crush on Ms. Mexico (she def deserves the crown) and kind of a major, major face palm with the question given to  Ms. Philippines. Seriously how does one answer that?  It's  funny how people started using major, major in almost all expressions.

I couldn't detail more how happy I am with this long weekend. It's probably the best thing, next to 70% off fab heels, a piece of cake, or a slab of steak. 


Dear President Noynoy,

Do us all a favour and keep the long weekends. 

Thank you so much!                                  


Drakulita said...

i've heard about people who received a bb from their company to fake "losing it" just so they won't be bombarded with work. sounds like you're at the very end of the spectrum. :)

eva said...

"i die"
"ash, say hello to demi (moore!) for me."
what a life. :)

Angelique FP said...

@ Ms. Eva: LOL!!!
all of these were from the last episode halos haha :))

Angelique FP said...

@ Ms. Quel:

LOL i wish i can do that, pero di company phone yung bb ko haha

Drakulita said...

Kaya nga it's so funny. You're of a different kind. :)