Monday, August 30, 2010

Ah, Weekends!

Extended weekends are real treat.
That of course is an understatement. There could be something grander to say about long weekends.

Someone who hates long weekends must not have a life aside from work. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to stay longer in bed and savour lazy ass mornings of non- rush hours? The opportunity to eat food completely, without having to bring what your eating to work or not skipping meals altogether is just terrific. Afternoon naps even though you woke up past breakfast time, just because you can take naps and the thought of not getting work related e-mails or calls because everybody's on their freaking holiday.

Ever since I got myself a Blackberry (yes, one of them workaholic drones ya' know), my phone is on its constant ringing, to the point that I'd put it on silent, just so I won't feel like I'm drowned with phone calls and e-mails every minute. But I am happy with my BB, because even though I am on location, I can still get client e-mails and have my things done with documents on the go app. Okay, I sounded like I just promoted RIM's little wonder. I just pimped my phone. Geez.

As anti- social as it sounds, I am happy that none of the supposed hang- outs pushed through this weekend. You know, everybody's getting their salary at the end of the month and malls are having their sale etc. Although my friends would totally hate me for saying this, I am really happy I got to stay home for three days. It's so nice to bank on some sleep after days of almost not getting any. Though I wasn't able to go back to my reading, (the closest thing I got to reading material was Vanity Fair and Fortune Magazine blah--- don't get me wrong, these mags are good stuff, but I wish I resumed reading Ellis again or start with Salinger's) I am pretty sure I did almost everything I set aside over the other weekends like spring cleaning, catching up on Rachel Zoe (made me die, bananas) and fixing my sleep. It feels awesomely different that on rare occasions such as this I hit the sack before 12. I also, watched Ms. Universe 2010 and had a major, major lesbian crush on Ms. Mexico (she def deserves the crown) and kind of a major, major face palm with the question given to  Ms. Philippines. Seriously how does one answer that?  It's  funny how people started using major, major in almost all expressions.

I couldn't detail more how happy I am with this long weekend. It's probably the best thing, next to 70% off fab heels, a piece of cake, or a slab of steak. 


Dear President Noynoy,

Do us all a favour and keep the long weekends. 

Thank you so much!                                  

Saturday, August 21, 2010


There are so many things going on in my life right now. :-)

I'm so happy, I don't even know how to say things :-) Like what Rebecca Anonuevo wrote, it's difficult to write happiness. I want to capture everything in words, but I know if I do, I might ruin the moment. There are some things best kept within ourselves, I guess this is one of those. 

I'm so happy. I've never been happier. Thank you, Dave. 

You're all together wonderful to behold 
-You and Only You, The Softies

it's funny I wrote "i'm so happy" twice.
I'm so happy :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010


Today isn't a good day.

Although I had an awesome event awhile ago (please buy Pond's Pure White with Activated Carbon hehe) at Manila Peninsula (the food is great! Manila Pen are we seeing each other on my wedding day?) I wasn't able to finish my entire day because I had to go home and rest. Reason: dysmenorrhea. I don't know why my period came a bit early this month and it came on a weekday. I'm pretty sure, without even tracking, that my period would come on third week (it used to be first week or last week then it changed to third week) and it would always, always come on a weekend so I was surprised when I went to comfort room and saw the monthly visitor coming in early. I thought I was going to last the whole day, but I didn't. My dysmenorrhea wouldn't happen regularly. Last month, I remember not having it. But today, of all the possible days to get it, I ended up twisting in pain and decided to go home early, unable to go back to office and finish my articles.

I feel kind of sad. 

Today is supposed to be a start of a new, good week. Payday, sale, shopping date with girls, dinner with  high school friends, the possibility of getting my Blackberry anytime this week and all the other great things coming ahead. But this one made me really down. I hope the saying that how you start anything will affect the entire experience is not true. This time, I hope how my week started won't affect my entire week. I hope this won't happen again. I felt really unproductive today and I hate the feeling of not being productive. I hate the thought of work getting piled up. I hate letting people down.

Tonight, I am getting a good sleep. Redeem myself tomorrow and work my ass off. Things have to be done.

Here's for a better tomorrow.



How does one NOT get dysmenorrhea?
Sorry about this period post. 


Buono Viaggio, Chiara! I will miss you terribly. :-(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Head over Heels

Rachel Zoe said, everybody looks better in a seven-inch heels.
I couldn't agree more.

It was in the premiere episode of The Rachel Zoe Project season Two where the stylist to the superstars mentioned this statement when they were looking for appropriate pair of shoes for Cameron Diaz for her "altered" Chanel gown for 2009 Golden Globes. She looked stunning with the pink taffeta Chanel Haute Couture dress which Zoe had the sleeves removed. As her assistant, Brad Goreski said, the alteration will totally jeopardise her relationship with Karl Lagerfeld if the dress won't look good. But it did, so everybody happy.

However, I will stop talking about the dress and how amazing Rachel Zoe is and tell you  my budding love affair with heels. Like what she said, everybody looks better in heights. Legs look longer, slimmer and undeniably sexier even in three- inch heels. I know. It kind of sound really foolish to hoard a lot of heels. It's too painful to wear and can cause varicose veins. But if you'll have to sacrifice for fashion, I say do it with style. And this is where high heels come to the picture.

Ever since I was told to get high heels for events, I can't help but look around for chic, but affordable pairs. With the money I am making, I know it will be too long for me to get a pair of Louboutins (my favourite shoe designer) and knowing me, I wouldn't settle for knock offs. I saw some pairs that I really liked and the good part is that most of them are within my P1500 budget. Here are my picks. I hope I get to buy them whenever I have paycheck. 

Ofcourse, the new books on the side.
And also black dresses

Quintessential black pumps
This pair is from Trunkshow. It's one of those the first time and fell in love with instantly. Although I have mentioned to a friend before that I would die wearing platforms, this pair is just too lovely. I wouldn't mind being in it. I'm not sure though if it's still available. I went to their site and saw it in sale folder and it only has size five as of the last posting. 

classic with a twist

This is gorgeous, isn't? Black pumps just got edgier with this black heels from Renegade Folk. Usually, pairs from this brand costs a lot (okay, because I'm a cheapskate, P2000 for a pair of shoes is expensive for me), but this one, it's just P1500. I probably wouldn't mind shelling out some of my G's on this baby. 

Simply Pretty
Patent black pumps always add a touch of glamour, don't you think? This pair from Sinta is just too beautiful to pass up. The heels, if I look at it right, are not too high like the previous pairs, but it still has the oomph it needs. 

Patchwork Cutie
Okay, this pair isn't necessarily black, but I love it! The snake skin (faux I guess) works perfectly and it's too darn sexy. This one comes from Sinta shoes too and if you're not too bold enough to sport this pair in black and white combination, it comes in black.

 Lastly, another rule breaker coming in a tan (or mustard?) colour.

No open toe, but...
The site calls this pair, "I Fall into Pieces" and who could blame them? Seriously, If I have enough dough, I'll buy this just for kicks. I was always told to wear close heels so I don't think I can wear this on events so I'll just buy it if I have somewhere to wear it to or I am too rich to buy all the shoes I want.

These are just some of those that are within my budget. If I get a lot richer, I'd still go for Louboutins because I believe a girl must at least have a pair of those. Okay, just me. But these local shoe designers are equally creative as well. Looking forward to my next shoe shopping!


Thanks to StyleBible. For more good fashion finds, hover and click to their Mall Links