Monday, July 26, 2010

This is Bad

When most people are busy working their asses of with god knows what, I am here in my office table burning my ass doing nothing significant. I feel kind of sad that I do not detest this fact. Although I would love to do something, office work has been tremendously slow for the past couple of days and disappointingly, I am quite enjoying it.

Last night, while battling with soap suds and soaked sponge, I thought about my life when I was still waiting for my employment. I was, on Sunday nights staying up really late (or early) watching series or movies, almost two of them in a row. Three weeks in work and all I do at night is read. Read magazines, read different styles, know the people. The works. This is something self- imposed actually. Not that I was told to do so, but I felt I had to learn these things even if I thought I already know them. On mornings, despite sleeping late (still a hangover from my dysfunctional body clock) I wake up and shower. The lukewarm water wakes me up and it has become one of my favourite parts of the day. Ma told me I stopped drinking hot cocoa in the morning. I don't know either. I just stopped midway through college, probably because I was accustomed to waking up really late, thus ignoring the hot chocolate milk. I swear, I used to tell my parents it causes my allergy, just so they would make me stop drinking it. But it never worked.

It's kind of fun to stare at my monitor, munching sweets. Which I know I will regret few years from now. All I eat now are chocolates, sweets, biscuits when I have nothing to do. This, in the future will definitely affect my sugar. But I can't help it.

Ah, mid day blabbering.

It's our President's FIRST State of the Nation Address later at 3:45 p.m. Stay tuned.

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