Thursday, July 22, 2010


So Blogspot has been tweaking a lot of stuff lately. The last time I checked, it doesn't have visitor tracking device and share thingamajigs that bloggers like me have to source widgets/ gadgets online to track down visits. Now, all you have to do is click and viola, you get visitor tracker in your dashboard and share buttons at the end of your posts. Kewl. I just hope my foreign visitors understand my older posts. Yes, I tried writing in Filipino, in hopes of improving my lack of ability to compose Filipino prose, but failing by the fifth (?) month because I felt I write better in English... or I just felt that?

According to my tracker (not from Blogspot) I have accumulated 13,000++ visits. Currently at 6,000+  plus 7,000+ more before I installed the widget. I thank my hair and shoes dream posts for drawing a good number of readers. I guess, a lot of people are really interested in beauty and fashion, which I obviously have no skills on. Those two were just a-post-in-a-million, which I do not really intend to do, but ended up doing. Next top blogpost is my dream wedding, because I mentioned Vera Wang there. So still, it's fashion related. Anyway, probably in a couple of days, I will be writing about my fashion challenge because I am kind of required to shop for my job. You know, build my closet with (black) dresses, comfy heels, make-up and stuff. Yesterday, I felt really OP with the fashionistas at Enderun. We had an event and everyone, even in broad daylight were looking awesome. If I had my cam with me, I could have taken photos... which I am not sure yet if it's allowed. But they were all looking mighty fine. I was in my black long blouse/ short short dress which I got from thrift shop (we did that a lot in college), Leglove by Kate Torralba leggings, and heels. I was told to put make- up too. I felt bad I don't own lipstick. I only have lip tint which kind of gives "just bitten look" and totally looked plain. I guess I have to tap my inner girl now.

And I was smirking. GAH I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. I was told not to smirk. I don't know, smirking comes naturally to me. Being in the registration, I was told to smile a lot and memorise names and faces. Maybe in between the smiling and the memorisation, I didn't notice I was already smirking. I promise I won't do that again. 

When most people gasp at the sight of celebrities, people like me who surround themselves with books and magazines get really excited when encountering writers. Handling press for events, I always get a chance to meet people I look up to in publication industry. Totally embarrassing thing happened when an editor I love was about to go home and she had to pass by my area to get her press gift. When she smiled and went to me, I ended up giddy. Good thing I did not blab away or died in my place. That would be totally weird. 

Anyhoos, I think I'm already boring you with my work life. Sorry for the lack of insightful posts lately--- not that my older posts are insightful enough. Please visitors, make me know you. Comment, e-mail, or ask question at my Formspring (all are on my contact tab in case). I'd really love to talk to you!

And since I'm getting few visitors, let me (shamelessly) plug work related stuff:

  • Get Philippine Star tomorrow, I have a write-up there at Ystyle section, about surfers
  • Watch Jason Derulo live in Ayala Malls. Tomorrow he will be at Glorietta Activity Center at 6:30 p.m., Alabang Town Center on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and Trinoma Activity Center at 6:30 p.m. (I hope I got the time right)
  • Head down to South on July 30 as Payless shoes opens its flagship store in the country at Festival Mall, Filinvest Alabang. Those who can't make it, please do not fret as branches in Megamall, Shangri- La Mall, and AliMall will be opened soon!


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i'm a fan. :)

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@cara yer a friend :-D