Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello, Work Force!

This weekend will probably be my last weekend as unemployed kid. Yep, just yesterday I landed a job in one of the top PR companies in the country. I say that with much confidence after googling the company and my bosses (come Monday) last night and I was at awe when I listened to my man boss listing down all the companies and personalities they worked/ working with. 

I arrived there in my crispiest favourite white blouse, a bit formal than what they wear there (so I guess I have to buy hipper clothes from now own, because seriously what I have now are complete meh compared to what they wear). I was actually giddy although one of the people there thought I was tensed (do I look tensed when I'm giddy?) and it dawned on me, I am now an adult. Mama told me I will be paying some part of our bills at home. I felt responsible and old- ish to be handling finances, but I guess every child who lives with their parents and is already working should do that. And how could I forget. The man boss told me the work is HARD five times. Am I doomed?

Who would have thought that I'll land a job in a PR company. You see in college, I always cut my PR class. I loathed that subject. I felt I was just wasting three hours of my time listening to my professor talk about, rather shout about stuff that anyone can read about. Geez. Had he taught us something better and made more hands- on activities, probably I'd appreciate it more. I told my immediate head about it and she laughed. I know it's really funny. Like how I flapped my hands in the air upon hearing "Congratulations, you got the job!" I squealed. 

So on Monday, I'll be working, starting as a PR Assistant (with the lack of PR experience) and will be training for six months before I become a full fledged PR person (shit I forgot how they are called!) I love how my workplace is right across Greenbelt. I love et! 

Which reminds me, I have to drop by National Bookstore to get me a nifty notebook.  
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