Friday, July 9, 2010

All in a (first) Week's Work

Tomorrow ends my first week in the office. 

It has been four tiring days so far. Everyday, the tasks get more and more tedious and I become more and more tired. I remember last Monday, I woke up exactly when my alarm rang, quickly took shower, ate and went off. But my inefficiency to waking up early hits again. It takes me about 10 snooze hits before I get up. I dread waking up early and I hate commuting at 7:30 a.m.

I remember idle days when I usually start my day at 10 in the morning, eating, watching TV and staying online (whether I have an article to finish or research stuff to do) all day. I kind of miss taking my afternoon naps during hot summer afternoons. I miss updating my Tumblr; it was when I had so many time in my hands that everything went on a routine. Despite its redundancy, it's a wonder I never got tired of it. Probably because it did not require me a lot of energy to do them compared to what I am doing now in the office. Really, what a lame comparison.

But despite the missing and the inevitable ranting (as I have always did anyway) I really like what I am doing. In fact modesty aside, I think I am improving a lot. From someone who doesn't like PR and whose thoughts of a dream job is staying out, basking in the sun, I can pretty say I am happy of what I am doing. It may not be what I envision myself doing, but things change. There are things that you would rather set aside first and let other opportunities come. I am a believer of "things happen for a reason so let the nature take its course" idea. There's a reason why I got to this company, without me even applying for them, why I said yes to the job offer without any idea what I am going to do and why I wake up early even if I know I'll get to office at nine, when all my officemates get there by 9:30 a.m. 

And for the work I have to do tomorrow and to a lot more in the coming months, I praise myself  for the sacrifice and job well done... so far.

This is me, being proud of myself for surviving my first week in the real world.

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