Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm feeling quite blah tonight. 

Since the parents went out of town, I went home to an empty house today. I know I won't have enough power (yes, power? LOL) to cook anything (yeah, cook!) so I bought my comfort food and ate it alone. I thought it's going to pump my energy, but it didn't. I guess Chicken Nuggets isn't working anymore. 

It's one of those days when I feel like I wanted to do something, but I can't exactly put my finger on it. My mind travels in circular motion finding for answers. 

I just typed a freaking emo line there. Why so serious?

My office computer is making me stupid.

I feel a bit down. Maybe I should get some sleep or something. 


On August, I am expecting something grand. I hope it pushes through because I am pulling all my resources on this. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is Bad

When most people are busy working their asses of with god knows what, I am here in my office table burning my ass doing nothing significant. I feel kind of sad that I do not detest this fact. Although I would love to do something, office work has been tremendously slow for the past couple of days and disappointingly, I am quite enjoying it.

Last night, while battling with soap suds and soaked sponge, I thought about my life when I was still waiting for my employment. I was, on Sunday nights staying up really late (or early) watching series or movies, almost two of them in a row. Three weeks in work and all I do at night is read. Read magazines, read different styles, know the people. The works. This is something self- imposed actually. Not that I was told to do so, but I felt I had to learn these things even if I thought I already know them. On mornings, despite sleeping late (still a hangover from my dysfunctional body clock) I wake up and shower. The lukewarm water wakes me up and it has become one of my favourite parts of the day. Ma told me I stopped drinking hot cocoa in the morning. I don't know either. I just stopped midway through college, probably because I was accustomed to waking up really late, thus ignoring the hot chocolate milk. I swear, I used to tell my parents it causes my allergy, just so they would make me stop drinking it. But it never worked.

It's kind of fun to stare at my monitor, munching sweets. Which I know I will regret few years from now. All I eat now are chocolates, sweets, biscuits when I have nothing to do. This, in the future will definitely affect my sugar. But I can't help it.

Ah, mid day blabbering.

It's our President's FIRST State of the Nation Address later at 3:45 p.m. Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

That was One Time!

It could have been better. 

PS I meant everything I said.
PPS Labo. :-)

Beats Jason Derulo experience by mile. haha

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So Blogspot has been tweaking a lot of stuff lately. The last time I checked, it doesn't have visitor tracking device and share thingamajigs that bloggers like me have to source widgets/ gadgets online to track down visits. Now, all you have to do is click and viola, you get visitor tracker in your dashboard and share buttons at the end of your posts. Kewl. I just hope my foreign visitors understand my older posts. Yes, I tried writing in Filipino, in hopes of improving my lack of ability to compose Filipino prose, but failing by the fifth (?) month because I felt I write better in English... or I just felt that?

According to my tracker (not from Blogspot) I have accumulated 13,000++ visits. Currently at 6,000+  plus 7,000+ more before I installed the widget. I thank my hair and shoes dream posts for drawing a good number of readers. I guess, a lot of people are really interested in beauty and fashion, which I obviously have no skills on. Those two were just a-post-in-a-million, which I do not really intend to do, but ended up doing. Next top blogpost is my dream wedding, because I mentioned Vera Wang there. So still, it's fashion related. Anyway, probably in a couple of days, I will be writing about my fashion challenge because I am kind of required to shop for my job. You know, build my closet with (black) dresses, comfy heels, make-up and stuff. Yesterday, I felt really OP with the fashionistas at Enderun. We had an event and everyone, even in broad daylight were looking awesome. If I had my cam with me, I could have taken photos... which I am not sure yet if it's allowed. But they were all looking mighty fine. I was in my black long blouse/ short short dress which I got from thrift shop (we did that a lot in college), Leglove by Kate Torralba leggings, and heels. I was told to put make- up too. I felt bad I don't own lipstick. I only have lip tint which kind of gives "just bitten look" and totally looked plain. I guess I have to tap my inner girl now.

And I was smirking. GAH I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. I was told not to smirk. I don't know, smirking comes naturally to me. Being in the registration, I was told to smile a lot and memorise names and faces. Maybe in between the smiling and the memorisation, I didn't notice I was already smirking. I promise I won't do that again. 

When most people gasp at the sight of celebrities, people like me who surround themselves with books and magazines get really excited when encountering writers. Handling press for events, I always get a chance to meet people I look up to in publication industry. Totally embarrassing thing happened when an editor I love was about to go home and she had to pass by my area to get her press gift. When she smiled and went to me, I ended up giddy. Good thing I did not blab away or died in my place. That would be totally weird. 

Anyhoos, I think I'm already boring you with my work life. Sorry for the lack of insightful posts lately--- not that my older posts are insightful enough. Please visitors, make me know you. Comment, e-mail, or ask question at my Formspring (all are on my contact tab in case). I'd really love to talk to you!

And since I'm getting few visitors, let me (shamelessly) plug work related stuff:

  • Get Philippine Star tomorrow, I have a write-up there at Ystyle section, about surfers
  • Watch Jason Derulo live in Ayala Malls. Tomorrow he will be at Glorietta Activity Center at 6:30 p.m., Alabang Town Center on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and Trinoma Activity Center at 6:30 p.m. (I hope I got the time right)
  • Head down to South on July 30 as Payless shoes opens its flagship store in the country at Festival Mall, Filinvest Alabang. Those who can't make it, please do not fret as branches in Megamall, Shangri- La Mall, and AliMall will be opened soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Of Love life

They say, when your career's in full swing, your love life takes a backseat. When most of your time ends up with face to face with planner and laptop, waking up early to avoid the hassle of traffic, and going home thinking of hitting your bed straight, chances are your only source of social interaction would most likely end up with Twitter and Facebook. 

After the tumultuous end of a previous relationship, I succumbed to the idea of not dating anyone for awhile, at least probably for three to four months. I've actually survived a year of not going to any dates, so I don't think there will be a problem in taking date hiatus for a while. I vowed to work hard in the corporate ladder, save up and buy something for myself. Yes, all me. I wanted to be selfish. But sometimes, no matter how you try to resist, there will always be someone who will squeeze in and make his way- to your head and heart. That one who has been there for more than a decade. 

Especially if that person has always been the picture of perfection in your mind. The one you would always put on pedestal because no matter who you meet, there will never be someone comparable to him. How he delves in your mind and how he charms your way in late nights, talking about complete nonsense. How you would always anticipate messages coming in and how you would always wish it was his. How you always wonder why he works so late. Why you would always think he'll never have a time for you, even if he actually has. How you try to map out dates where you can completely block them off just so you can spend some time together. That one boy, you've always 'prayed' for, despite not really praying at all. That one you always wished for at 11:11 am or pm, just to make sure it will come true. 

I'm word vomiting. The 30-minute walks make a good exercise for the body and mind. But I hate that it makes me think, about you and me all the time. Which actually kind of sucks, sometimes in a good way. 

That line is totally weird. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Deutschland!

I admit, I'm a Worldcup late bloomer. I'm not going to pretend that I know everything, but I can say I might know well enough to converse with fans and understand the game even if I watch it alone. All thanks to ESPN Soccernet and FIFA sites that I keep in my bookmark tabs, friends like Chiara who's been playing/ watching football for years and to news delivered right to my fone almost everyday. What actually sparked my curiousity towards Worldcup is my brother and numerous tweets about it everyday.

I also admit that when I started watching, I placed my bets on the German National Team because of very shallow reasons: Germany has always been my favourite country and I really wanted to learn how to speak Deutsche. You can see that none of these are football related. Not until I went to ESPN soccernet that I learned that Die Mannschaft (their official name meaning "the team") is one of the world's top 10. In fact they are at the sixth spot and has been worldcup champs four times. They also hosted last season's worldcup (2006) and placed third during that year. What initially was a "shallow" fandom became hardcore support after days of reading the team's profile. 

On some nights (or wee hours of the morning) I patiently wait for the their scheduled games. I began to memorise names and numbers of each players. One time after their defeat to Serbia, I was unexpectedly sad, close to tears actually. That is when I realised that this is not just some fangirling, but a true support for a team I only got to know this year. 

Despite people "hating" the team (which I assume is still WWII related, I don't really know sorry if I got this wrong don't hate!) I continue to support the team even if I was told that they'll eventually lose. But my team proved them wrong; Their winning streak happened. Ending the finals dream of England and Argentina (two of this season's favourites). This team with players averaging from 20- 25 years old defeated the obviously well experienced teams. I was beaming with happiness when they made it to the final four. 

Germany vs. Argentina
But sometimes all good things come to an end. The team wasn't able to continue their finals bid as the equally talented, Spain defeated them with nil:1. Waking up to such result was disappointing, but what can we do? Maybe it's not yet their time to win the trophy this year. They ended up with battle for third against Uruguay. 

And the boys did not disappoint. After two deadlocks in the 90- minute game, the final goal of Sami Khedira at the 82 minute mark ended the game. Once again, the young team from Germany landed third place for second time in a row even if star players Philip Lahm, Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski did not play due to flu (Lahm and Podolski) and back injury (Klose). The boy wonder, Thomas Muller who is in the running to become this season's best young player led the victory together with Marcel Jansen's goal. The game ended with 3-2, without additional minutes. 

Watching the team get their medals made me really happy. It's as if I'm also from Germany. As a fan, I felt the team really played for us and did their best in the entire tournament. They may not have won the top prize, but for people like us who watched them since the beginning and believed in them, for us we feel like they won the championship. They played as a team. I know, a lot of teams exerted the same effort as Germany, but my heart only beats for them. I have found  team to support and I never regret going all the way with them. The team is very young and definitely they will go a long way. 

So for the Worldcup 2014 in Brazil, I know which team to support! Win or lose, go Deutschland! 

Friday, July 9, 2010

All in a (first) Week's Work

Tomorrow ends my first week in the office. 

It has been four tiring days so far. Everyday, the tasks get more and more tedious and I become more and more tired. I remember last Monday, I woke up exactly when my alarm rang, quickly took shower, ate and went off. But my inefficiency to waking up early hits again. It takes me about 10 snooze hits before I get up. I dread waking up early and I hate commuting at 7:30 a.m.

I remember idle days when I usually start my day at 10 in the morning, eating, watching TV and staying online (whether I have an article to finish or research stuff to do) all day. I kind of miss taking my afternoon naps during hot summer afternoons. I miss updating my Tumblr; it was when I had so many time in my hands that everything went on a routine. Despite its redundancy, it's a wonder I never got tired of it. Probably because it did not require me a lot of energy to do them compared to what I am doing now in the office. Really, what a lame comparison.

But despite the missing and the inevitable ranting (as I have always did anyway) I really like what I am doing. In fact modesty aside, I think I am improving a lot. From someone who doesn't like PR and whose thoughts of a dream job is staying out, basking in the sun, I can pretty say I am happy of what I am doing. It may not be what I envision myself doing, but things change. There are things that you would rather set aside first and let other opportunities come. I am a believer of "things happen for a reason so let the nature take its course" idea. There's a reason why I got to this company, without me even applying for them, why I said yes to the job offer without any idea what I am going to do and why I wake up early even if I know I'll get to office at nine, when all my officemates get there by 9:30 a.m. 

And for the work I have to do tomorrow and to a lot more in the coming months, I praise myself  for the sacrifice and job well done... so far.

This is me, being proud of myself for surviving my first week in the real world.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello, Work Force!

This weekend will probably be my last weekend as unemployed kid. Yep, just yesterday I landed a job in one of the top PR companies in the country. I say that with much confidence after googling the company and my bosses (come Monday) last night and I was at awe when I listened to my man boss listing down all the companies and personalities they worked/ working with. 

I arrived there in my crispiest favourite white blouse, a bit formal than what they wear there (so I guess I have to buy hipper clothes from now own, because seriously what I have now are complete meh compared to what they wear). I was actually giddy although one of the people there thought I was tensed (do I look tensed when I'm giddy?) and it dawned on me, I am now an adult. Mama told me I will be paying some part of our bills at home. I felt responsible and old- ish to be handling finances, but I guess every child who lives with their parents and is already working should do that. And how could I forget. The man boss told me the work is HARD five times. Am I doomed?

Who would have thought that I'll land a job in a PR company. You see in college, I always cut my PR class. I loathed that subject. I felt I was just wasting three hours of my time listening to my professor talk about, rather shout about stuff that anyone can read about. Geez. Had he taught us something better and made more hands- on activities, probably I'd appreciate it more. I told my immediate head about it and she laughed. I know it's really funny. Like how I flapped my hands in the air upon hearing "Congratulations, you got the job!" I squealed. 

So on Monday, I'll be working, starting as a PR Assistant (with the lack of PR experience) and will be training for six months before I become a full fledged PR person (shit I forgot how they are called!) I love how my workplace is right across Greenbelt. I love et! 

Which reminds me, I have to drop by National Bookstore to get me a nifty notebook.