Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I spent some huge amount of time looking at different bag contents over at Flickr. There were some who really had interesting bag contents, mix of expensive gadgets to beautiful notebooks. Some had a lot of make up and some had a lot of receipts, tickets, etc. What is fascinating about checking other people's bags is that you get a glimpse of who they are and what they do with what they bring with them everyday. You get to know what they do for a living, what they're usually occupied with and hobbies. You also see the person's personality, if they're OC or they're messy, sentimental or fuss free. 

For more than four hours, I've checked maybe a dozen or more bags with different bag contents. Most of them female (with really expensive make- up kits and designer bags), but there are also male owners (really cool gadgets! Some of them are really messy, but what do you expect, right? Kidding!) 

So I thought, I'd share what my bag contains most of the time (actually everyday since I can't remember). I lug around these stuff with me and I get to use almost all of them most of the time. It's always a wonder how my stuff can fit inside my Reebok carry- all which my mom got me few months ago. She said I always carry around heavy loads, no wonder some of my bags gave up on me. But this bag is really a wonder! I always use it ever since she got it for me.

When I'm really in a hurry, I tend to dump in all my bag contents and go. I usually fix them inside the car or if I'm alone, in a cab. That's why I rarely go out with out fixing it the night before so this won't happen. If you got tons of stuff like I have, it's always a hassle to fix it the last minute. 

So world, I am sharing my everyday things starting now!

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Are the numbers visible enough? I hope they are.

  1. Moleskine Planner 2010- 2011: got this one yesterday. I just thought I needed a smaller planner to bring along with me, but I still use the one I got from Ms. Mariel
  2. Journal: I write down all my "secret" thoughts inside the journal. I plan to put my last will and testament there too.
  3. Book (The Carrie Diaries): I always bring with me a book so when I get bored, I have something I can pull out of my bag and kill time with. 
  4. Laptop and laptop sleeve: I got myself an HP- Mininote so I won't have to bring along big laptop all the time, plus it's so much lighter. 
  5. Laptop cord: In case I need to plug my laptop for charging (which rarely happens, I say)
  6. Candy: When I go out, I always, always get hungry so it's very important that I have something to eat. My candy of the month-- Sugus in Strawberry flavour
  7. Pair of Eyeglasses: This is, by far, my most favourite! It's from Benetton in colours black, pink, and a hint of canary yellow. It's so cute!
  8. Wide tooth comb: I know, I need a roller instead. 
  9. Umbrella: This is my most trusted umbrella, got it last year and hasn't been ruined ever since. I guess the Php 300++ is worth it. When you get an umbrella, make sure you invest on it (especially if you're living in Manila)
  10. Wallet: I used to have a coin purse, but my mom gave me her long wallet which I am truly grateful for because I felt I needed to use something grown up- py.
  11. Alcohol: Instant disinfection, you'll never know!
  12. Johnson's Baby Cologne in Heaven: I swear by this cologne! The only variant I use since I was a kid. I can't use perfumes because I am allergic to them. I only use baby cologne.
  13. Bodyshop Lip and Cheek tint: My favourite! I love how it's easy to blend even if you're in a hurry and it doesn't stay on your fingers, unlike some local brands.
  14. Bodyshop Concealer in No. 2: I had to buy a concealer after one of our dogs ate my last stick and I'm glad I chose this one. Smells terrific too!
  15. Pens and highlighter: Believe it or not, I use all of them! Stabilo highlighter is for my books, the chinese pen is for everything that needs to be jotted down, Dong- A 0.5 if I need to sign my signature, G- tech 0.4 for my planner, and the green one, I only use when I need a light (it's a pen + flashlight!)
  16. Globe Broadband dongle: When I need instant wi- fi
  17. Flash Disk: Something I got from Newsweek
  18. Mirror: Oh yes! I actually have one!
  19. Camera pouch: I learned my lesson, if I need to bring along my cam with me everyday, I must put it in its proper place to avoid getting LCD cracks again
  20. Nokia 6300: I LOVE THIS FONE!!! I have it since I can't remember. My dad actually gave it to me after someone got my fone at home and loved it ever since. Mobile web is awesome in this fone and the camera rocks! But I'm still thinking of getting a new one soon!
  21. Keys: House keys with Victorinox swiss knife which I got from my dad too. The leather keychain says "Apple and Eve" 
That's about it! I hope I get to see other people's stuff too and know the story behind each item! 

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