Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let it All Be Said

There are just few points I have to say before I go into a crazy bitch mode because there are several things going around my head for the past couple of days and I doubt that if I don't blurt it all out, I'll totally go wacko. Save for my best friend who knows everything about what I am going to say. This may come out as a senseless ranting or just another stuff for you to read, but this is a big deal for me (well somewhat).

If you plan to be my future husband, be warned. I tend to dissect popular culture a lot and get annoyed every now and then so if you plan to stay with me, be ready.

Here are the things I am dying to say:
  1. Charice is now part of Glee. So a few weeks ago, Philippine Daily Inquirer broke the news about Charice Pempengco joining the hit TV show Glee. According to the reports, the news came from her manager. Later that day, in her twitter account, she said the information isn't true. This even got her manager fired, supposedly for coming out with the false rumours. Until yesterday, a news came out that Charice is now officially part of the show and guess what, SHE AUDITIONED. Never mind if the last part isn't true, but what's totally mind boggling is that Filipinos detesting the idea saying she's not fit for the show, her diction is awful and she can't act. 
    Who are these people to judge what she can and can't do? Just because she's not your typical tisay actress or you don't find her pretty doesn't mean she can't do any of these. The kid worked her way up to where she is. She deserves everything she has now and all you do is to loathe at her success. Maybe there are some room for her to improve, she has to learn diction, acting workshop etc. We can't go and say "she'll ruin the show" or "I'll stop watching if she joins." You are fucking kidding me. You think you know better, you think you can sing better, you think you are better? Why don't you audition? Instead of gloating. Ah people. You cannot please everybody. So Charice, just do what you have to do, I'll still watch Glee. We'll see how you'll work your way in the upcoming episodes. Haters, go to the left. 
  2. Some people who keep on blabbing and they don't know what they are talking about. Sheesh. You can actually read before opening your mouth or better yet, don't open your mouth at all. In today's world, there are a lot of sources you can check out to learn about things and it's just sad that you don't use any of these. I thought you knew better. It goes to show that you only do that for show and nothing else. In Deutsche, zum Schweigen bringen! Go, look that up!

  3. Germany going up against Ghana. I know I should be sleeping. I have like TONS of things to do tomorrow, but the anxiety is kicking in. I don't know. I should be prepared. If Germany wins, this will call for a celebration. If they won't, well... I'd be depressed. I mean it. 
I didn't think I'd end up writing more about Charice. But yes, I had to say it. A former classmate has gotten into my nerves for saying "What the Fuck" when she heard about it. Yeah, that classmate is just too awesome.
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