Saturday, June 19, 2010

I was going to reflect, but...

While watching the 2010 Worldcup and seeing Germany, my team getting kicked in the ass by Serbia in today's first game, I suddenly realised I am not the type of person who accepts defeat easily. 

In the few minutes left for the game, Germany's star player (and super hot) Lukas Podolski tried his best to save the game, at least ending it with a draw. But despite the efforts exhibited by the entire team (even losing Miroslav Klose in the first half, thus having an incomplete lineup for the rest of the game) mannschaft was not able to make any play.

My heart sank, my head started spinning. I was never this attentive to any sports before. I was near to tears. This is the first time that it ever happened. Until now, I admit I have not recovered yet. Germany is the sixth best team in the world, Serbia is, I don't know. But they got defeated! 

I know, I have a point here somewhere, but I lost track of it when I started telling how Germany got defeated and somebody in Formspring asked about my feelings towards their loss. I was going to say something, but I ended up getting sad again. 

Germany will be against Ghana in their next game, the team that defeated Serbia in their first. I hope Australia wins their game versus Ghana. They so need to win.

Felt extra bad that I didn't get to go out with someone because I was so psyched to watch this game. What a useless evening.
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