Saturday, June 26, 2010

And it was all Yellow

I went to an exhibit yesterday for an upcoming article for a luxury business magazine. Although I'm not really the type to go to fancy, shmancy event such as the one last night, I decided to take the article because number one, I've never been to anything like that and number two, I wanna see paintings that I could hopefully get some inspiration with.

My favourite. Too bad I forgot who made this one.
So despite the pending heavy rainfall (that's according to google weather) I dressed as "smart casually" as I could and went to Philam Tower to attend the opening of Yellow Paintings exhibit at the Tower Club. The exhibit is a collection of paintings done by 15 renowned artists which highlights the colour yellow, signature shade of the late president, Cory Aquino. This is a part of an outgoing tribute to the former leader and her legacy of restoring democracy in the country.

It was my first brush with the society's who's who. Most of them left who? in my mind. I know a few of them went to us and introduced themselves (or somebody introduced them) but I'm not so good with names, only faces (which I know I should improve from now on!) The experience wasn't that bad. I especially felt I belong when I was ushered to the media group and met an editor and writers, amused with how young I was and my recent graduation. They even shared stories about how they started in the industry and gave me ideas, which are actually really helpful. Someone even said I looked kind of unaffected with what was happening, when in truth I was really overwhelmed. And the food was great- Kwek- Kwek, Smoked Bangus, shrimp, etc. I did not get to drink though. I was afraid that if I drank there, I won't be able to go down from 33rd floor or won't be able to go home. But I enjoyed my bottomless Coca- Cola.

I have few photos of the paintings in the exhibit. But so clumsy of me to lost the list of  artists who made which paintings.

Yes, this isn't a painting and this isn't colour yellow.
It's just pretty, can't help but take a photo.
Organized in cooperation with Galleria Nicolas, the exhibit runs from June 25 to July 8 at the 33rd floor Philam Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City. Paintings are for sale and the proceeds will be given to their beneficiary, Chosen Children's Village Foundation.

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