Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Forgot?

The mandatory "dirty finger" photo
There are about 80% of election returns canvassed as of noon today. This automation system is really incredible and the results seem credible as well. But what's really mind- blowingly annoying is that many of those who come out as winners in both National and Local elections are still the same people. 

The name Ramon Revilla (who used BONG REVILLA as his SURNAME just so he can get the eight spot in the senatorial list) is leading with 16 million votes, more than what the leading presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino has (a close to 13 million votes as of 12:37 p.m.) The likes of Lito Lapid and Bongbong Marcos is also a bit surprising. As if the people have not learned their lesson after so many years.

If that's already a shocker, you might be unpleasantly surprised to know that former president and convicted plunderer, Joseph Estrada trails Aquino, coming in second with eight million votes. The difference of 13 and eight is big and there really is no chance of Estrada getting the lead and winning, but the amount of votes casted is very surprising. Has the nation forgotten what this man did to us?

He stole a lot of money, gambled and drank like there's no tomorrow when he's supposed to serve this nation, made empty promises and forgets what he said (Remember him saying on October 2007 that he's has no plans of running? Or his recent booboo yesterday when he casted his vote, when he did not vote for his VP Jejomar Binay and son, JV Ejercito because he FORGOT). He has been a constant amusement in Presidential Debates, without actually giving off anything substantial. Really, eight million voters? Is that what you want?

I remember reading a twit, saying it was actually Estrada's fault that we have Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo as our president for nine years. If he had done his job well, finished his six- year term, then we'll not have "Hello Garci" or "ZTE scandal."

(By the way, Pampanga what the hell? Why are you voting for GMA, again? Is this district even a part of the country to not experience what kind of hell, this candidate did to the nation? Really, Congressman Macapagal- Arroyo?)

Everybody doesn't want another slump in the country, but seeing who the people voted, same people, same TraPo, we can only hope that their experience (or lack thereof) can help change this country after nine years of complete blah. 

I share the sentiments of many that what this country needs is a strong voter's education. The power to choose someone properly. To vote someone not just because you were a member of his fans club or he told you he will "raise you from poverty." 

Learn, people, learn and remember to not forget. This is for our own benefit. 

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