Saturday, May 29, 2010

On Moving on

The world really has its way of making things perfectly right for you.

Few months ago, I was in extreme agony, nursing a really bad heartache due to slightly foreseen break- up. I never thought I could get over it easily. I spent my time sulking, a bit blaming myself for nothing. I just had the feeling I was to blame, until my friends told me I didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s been months of recovery. Although honestly, there is still hurt in small portions, I am glad that I am getting over it fast. I said I missed him, but never really meant of getting back with him, just the thought of having him in ways I could only remember now.

I guess it would never be easy to get over a break- up. Especially if you kept on seeing things you shouldn’t see. But it’s their prerogative. As an individual, you really have no right to tell them what to do, despite your preferences.

Admittedly, I am proud of myself. I never lose my pride and who I am. I am still me. I don’t have to fake my feelings, just so I can get sympathy, or even haters (yeah really, there are people who don’t care what you’re going through). I am human, I can show my emotions. Although there are parts that I am still healing, day by day I am getting through it. My friends make it bearable, someone is making it better, family’s making it easier. Life is good.

In few days, I am expecting an employment. Hopefully it happens sooner. You know the feeling that you’ll get something because you sense that it was the one you’re waiting for? That’s what I am feeling right now!
There is no time for hating, only good feeling and excitement.

Like the feeling of getting back after years of desperation.
Not that I’ve experienced that.
I just thought this is how it feels like. :-)
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