Thursday, May 20, 2010


So Apol and I went back to UST today for several reasons:

  • Get our diploma and transcript
  • Get UST simcard
  • Get our grad photos (taken during graduation)
  • End each other's misery (cos we badly miss each other)
So off we go with our morning meet up. I came 30 minutes earlier so I went ahead and checked if we can already get our diploma and transcript. The lady in the registrar's office (or window) said they'll be mailing them next week. I wonder how some of my batch mates already had theirs. But it was too hot to argue, I went off to look for the UST simcard booth. Again, I wasn't able to get one because apparently, they had to hold giving out simcards to alumni. They're giving the staff first before us. I asked when we're getting ours, and one of them told me to wait for further announcements, in a tone I did not like. Again, I can't compete with the hotness of the day and stride off, even giving the laydeh a warm "Thank you!" because I don't want to argue.

Few more minutes of waiting Apol arrived, smiling with her Armani shades. Yes, when you're working in one of the country's top broadcasting companies, you've got to wear the snazziest stuff. I did not get to take a pic of her shades. It's so fashown. 

Apol started talking about her work, her first paycheck (guys we know who to ask for if we got no dough!) and her experience with Ma'am Jes (yes?) Cesar Apolinario, and the dude with iPad (the one they use during their segments). I told her to tell her producer that the idea was lame, but then she told me it was her segment, sooo, forget about it. Haha!

Uhm yes? 
If you know Apol well, she likes taking photos, even in the most uncompromising temperatures. HAHA!

Then Macky called her. 

I don't know what they're talking about.
After that we decided to walk around UST despite the heat before heading to Red Images to get our grad photos. AB Building (or St. Raymund's) is undergoing major face lift. Yes UST, you just waited for us to graduate before you guys decided to renovate the building?

Then went to Red Images and saw Nachi! She's so cute! She was with her (big!) brother Jaye and cousin Eugene (who's cute by the way!)

Went back and sat at one of the pavs. Saw Joseph and Dean Vasco!

I took some photos so I'll just finish the entire story with photos. Haha! I hope I get to hang out with my college berks at UST again. I can't believe I'm not going back to UST on June to attend classes anymore this year. Haaay. 

I hate to admit, I missed UST. 

Here's my favourite photo of Apol.

Despite the unflattering pose, she looks cute here!
Then she took a photo of me too, sipping my coke while still talking to Macky. I can't believe how she's so good at multi- tasking. Haha!

Here's what's inside my bag today.
From top to bottom: latest Varsitarian issue, laptop, 
journal, book (Art Objects), celfone,
laptop charger, ballpen, highlighter. 

Not in photo: coin purse, cologne, cheek tint,
concealer, and comb (YES I ACTUALLY OWN ONE)
This is AB building now.
They're renovating the windows, walls, EVERYTHING. 
So batch 2011 is so luckeh.
Saw Sir Jere!!! He even crossed the street to talk to us!
We miss you sir Jere! 
From top to bottom: Stargirl, Catch me a Firefly, 
A Walk to Remember, and Love in the time of Cholera
Those are my books which Nachi returned today. I am happy she takes care of books well. Unlike some people... Not going to name names.

Then there's Joseph. He's going to apply at some school in QC. I hope he gets in. (and that's the reason why he looks a bit professional- ish)



Nachi said...

ANTABA KO NA NOOOO? Hahaha I missed you guys :) And yes I took care of your books, I know how meticulous you are e! :p thanks for taking care of mine too!

PS It's LJ not Eugene hahaha! And they're both taller and bigger than me!

Angelique FP said...

didn't notice. HAHA. cuuute ka pa rin naman!

my books are safe with you. haha

LJ amp, rinig ko Eugene. ahahahaha!